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Breda Ba 888 Lince (Lynx)

September 11, 2018 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.1K

One of the most beautiful aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica circa WWII. Although, as I've read, functionally useless. They were ultimately used as bombing target decoys.

Just started hobby modelling this year. Carrying on from an interest in 1920-1945 history.
Ive done a few now, this is the only one that looks half decent. Appreciate any feedback. Ive got to get a spray-gun!

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  1. Welcome aboard, sir...if this example is only "half-decent", I certainly look forward to seeing what else you've done. Nice work on the paint scheme.

  2. This is outstanding, Mon! Welcome to iModeler!

    You mention your desire for an airbrush: a number of modelers here have perfected the art of using spray cans, so watch for their posts. I wish I could tell you some of their names but my memory is terrible. It has taken me over 45 years to get MY first airbrush and I've had it a few months but have not used it yet. However, that is SOME finely hand-painted camouflage on your Breda! You're doing great!


  3. Not bad at all Mon! I love these Regia Aeronautica aircraft - such wonderful colour schemes. Keep at it!

  4. Welcome aboard Mon, you'll love it here. You may want to post more info concerning this model, such as who manufactured this kit and at what scale. Also include any issues you had building it. Helps fellow modelers that may also want to give it a try. Nice camouflage,by the way, did you paint it or did you use decals?

  5. Welcome aboard! I nice first post, though we always like to see more pics - some close ups, etc. The model looks really good - gotta love the Italian schemes!

  6. Spectacular scheme. Well done.

  7. only been doing this for a year? wow - very nice work! that's a lot of effort to pull off that camo scheme, and you certainly succeeded. Let's see more!

  8. You have some talent with a brush. I don’t think I would achieve it using a brush like you did, and I’ve been bashing plastic for 30 years 😉 Doing those mimeticos mottling isn’t easy, either by hand or by airbrush. Perhaps you should consider doing a few more models before moving to airbrush unless money isn’t a problem to consider. One aspect you might want to try is a few washes to get some weathering and panel accentuation, that brings extra life to any model and it won’t cost you an arm to buy. Welcome aboard Mon!

  9. There's only one kit I know of to do that airplane, and if you managed to turn that collection of scrap resin into something that looks like this, you, sir, have nothing to be apologetic about skills-wise. Mine ended up back in its component parts decorating a landfill. This is really nice work, sir. Welcome aboard.

  10. Very appreciative to all for their encouraging comments! Yes the paint work was by hand. It took some time to complete but I enjoyed every minute of it. The scale is 1/72. The box indicates 'MPM Productions' as the manufacturer, but the guide inside says 'Special Hobby'. It seems to come from Czech Rep. The kit was a bit rough. Not as rough as Smer, for example, but a long way from a Hasegawa kit.

    I'm very pleased to join a group where I can show my work and discover the techniques and styles of others. Thanks again for the feedback - My next goal is to figure out how to create a weathering look.

    • You're lucky you did the MPM/Special Hobby kit. Had you tried the 1/48 resin kit I was thinking of, you'd have learned what "rough" means. The MPM kit's not easy either, so Kudos again.

      • Ha Ha, thanks Tom. I would also like to include some narrative with future posts. Knowing the history behind the plane is one thing, but expressing it in an interesting way is another. In that regard I can see that your posts are like a benchmark for me. I enjoyed seeing and reading about your messerschmitt's and FW's. At the moment I'm only interested in German and Italian stuff.

  11. Looks great ! Love the paint scheme.

  12. Muy bien realizado el camuflaje que tiene un esquema muy laborioso.En mi opinión las maquetas quedan más vistosas si haces las fotos con un fondo liso que centre la atención
    en el avión.Un gran trabajo ! Mon.

  13. Hi, Mon... one word - excellent!

    If this is your first year at modelling and you can turn out this, then you're on the right track. Airbrushes can be useful tools, but so is learning how to develop your skills with a paintbrush; neither is ever totally exclusive in being able to finish a model to a high standard, and each will have their own shortcomings and strong points. Diversity in using various tools and techniques are what will bring your efforts along, just nicely too, by the looks of things.
    I know of a gentleman who always paints his models with brushes, but always ends up with an end result typical of a very experienced airbrush user. He says he never quite got around to using airbrushes and just continued to develop his brush-painting skills. So, I'm sure you will progress very well indeed as your journey into our world opens up many possibilities. Welcome aboard... ;-).

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