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Royal Netherlands Naval Air Station “DE KOOY” 1967

January 2, 2015 · in Diorama · · 22 · 2.7K

Naval Air Staion "De Kooy" is located just outside the Naval base of Den Helder in the Northern tip of the Netherlands.

The shows two search and rescue helikopters. Also on the tarmac is the crew bus and the Landrover ambulance.

German Bundesmarine : G/J ()
Netherlands Navy : Agusta Bell 204B ()
Crew bus : PJ Productions
Landrover : JB Models
Paints : Xtra Colors (UK)
Airbrush : Revell Masterclass

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22 responses

  1. A truly outstanding first posting, sir...all very well finished and presented. Nice work - welcome and looking forward to seeing more of your talent(s).

  2. Nice,y set out, Dirk. It's good to be able to see everything together and still see individual model detail. Is there a story behind the dio?

  3. sweet diorama

  4. Very nicely done Dirk.


  5. Een pragtige diorama Dirk!

  6. Nice work Dirk, a sweet little diorama.
    Well done sir.

  7. Im like Nice !

  8. NICE ! but we want more pics !

  9. extra beautiful

  10. Nice, simple presentation.
    Well done Dirk.

  11. A very nice first post, Dirk looks great, 1/72?

  12. Excellent diorama Dirk. Simple, clean, and to the point.

  13. Wicked good paint scheme!

  14. Very neatly presented, Dirk, and the photographs are good too, but there are not enough!

  15. Hello dear friends,
    Thanks for the nice comments.
    It is a simple diorama, otherwise it consumes to much effort and the stash is always looking down on me.
    The idear behind it is, that with these rather simple machines many many lives were saved in sometimes hurricane conditions at sea.
    Besides that, I have being transported many times in both types in the early seventies.
    My next contribution will be a light fleet carrier from the Royal Netherlands Navy.

    With regards,
    The Netherlands.

  16. Exactly the kind of stuff I dig Dirk, I assume it is 1/72? The helicopters look stunning!

    One thing though: That VW-bus was made from 1979 (or about then at least!) onwards so it is a bit of an early bird in a dio from 1967 🙂 !

    Best regards and looking forward to more from you!


  17. Great modeling Dirk. I like everything about it! Well done.
    California Steve

  18. Very nice Dirk! Some great modelling there. Cool subject also.

  19. Very nice from a fellow Dutchman!
    Did you take a lot of rides in these choppers? Have you been rescued many times?
    Good luck with your Karel Doorman!

    • Hello Maurits,
      Twice in the UH-34D and many times in the AB 204.
      Did serve some years in the Marine Corps.
      The carrier is getting into its final stages. Working on a Neptune that is swooping over the rear of the ship.


  20. Yes nicely done Dirk.

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