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I am 75 years old, a retired metal fab mechanic/computer programmer/model builder. I've been making models since I was about 11 years old. I started with flying models, control line, a little RC and lots of plastic. I've made all scales but my favorite is 1/48th of WW2 aircraft from all countries. I have about 100 models stored and displayed at home. I had a World War2 exhibit of my aircraft at our local library. I learn something new every time I make a new build. iModeler.com is a great place to share your thoughts and show your stuff. I love and appreciate the optimism of all the members.

More D-Day stuff

Just finished some more items for my 1/48th D-Day display at our local library coming this June. A P-47D-25 kit 61090 and a GMC Fuel Truck kit 32579. Both kits are from Tamiya. Great detail and decals.

USAAF 1/48th Mosquito

I recently completed kit #04555 Mosquito B Mk. IV. The kit contained some parts that were poorly molded. I contacted Revell in Germany and they mailed me the corrected pieces. Also, thanks to friend Tom Bebout for the decals and resin [...]

D-Day Collection

Here's most of my 1/48th D-Day collection. I'm hoping to have it ready for display at our local library for June next year.

Ike's Mustang

I recently finished another D-Day / Operation Overlord model with invasion stripes to add to my collection of 20+ aircraft. As you can see from the first photo General Eisenhower used to sneak out with a pilot to obtain upcoming battle [...]


With help from fellow member and modeler Tom Bebout , I was able to locate this model. I am adding it to my D-Day / Operation Overlord collection to display at our local library. The kit is #5944 Junkers Ju 52/3m Transport. A few areas [...]


I built this model from Revell kit number 5629 to honor my Uncle Harold Fox Jr.. He was the ball turret gunner aboard the aircraft when it was shot down over Austria in May of 1944. He bailed out and survived. I did a lot of research to [...]

B-25J with D-Day markings.

Recently completed Revell 1/48th B-25J for my D-Day scheme. Added a pre-assembly photo (pic2) and some maintenance equipment from some other kits. Overall the model is well detailed with some trouble spots. The nose, wings and the engine [...]

Countries That Flew During World War 2

Some past builds of WW2 aircraft representing 8 different countries from both the allied and the axis powers.

Tempest Mk.II

Here's some photos to share of a build I completed in April 2022. 1/48 Tempest Mk.II early version kit # 82124 by eduard. Looks like it came off the showroom floor. Sorry no exhaust burns no weathering. Very well detailed model. I believe [...]

Uncle's B-24H and Some D-Day Aircraft

I've been building World War II plastic models in 1/48th scale for about 60 years. I've built over 100 models. The B-24H model I built to honor my Uncle Harold Fox who was a ball turret gunner on Two Ton Tessie. The other models are D-Day [...]