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I model 1/72 almost exclusively. I focus on the Interwar period and don't build outside it. I especially love biplanes but they do cause me to curse quite a bit. However, the end result is worth it. I hate unrigged biplane models though - they aren't finished.

Review: Squadrons! No. 54 The Hawker Biplane Fighters - Review

Many will be familiar with Phil Listemann's Squadrons! series which has mainly focused on wartime units and their histories. In No. 54 of the series he turns his attention to The interwar Hawker biplane fighters. The book is a softcover [...]

The Martin T4M-1 and Plus Models

This article is both a review and commentary on the new Plus Models 1/72 Martin T4M-1. Previous T4M-1s have been released in resin (Ardpol 1/72) and as a vac-form (Esoteric 1/72). This is Plus Models first foray into 1/72 aircraft and to [...]

Handley Page Heyford

This is a fairly easy article in that there aren't many models of the prototype out there. The Heyford suffers from the same issue as all British (and for that matter American) interwar heavy bombers. There isn't much interest and only [...]

UK Gloster Gauntlet Mks 1 & 2

The Gauntlet hasn't been covered that well in any scale and all the available models have some inaccuracies to one degree or another. It's a pity as it is a charming little fighter. In 1/72 we have the HR Models, Pegasus, Aeroclub and AZ [...]

Naming interwar bombers for PR purposes

Bomber naming was rare in interwar years but it did happen. It was very much a unit initiative and the names were sometimes quite temporary. Some names, however, endured for quite some time and were transferred between aircraft (see [...]

RAF Hawker Harts and Demons

The Hart story is a complex one with a simple beginning. The Hawker company developed a elegant modern looking biplane with the performance to seriously challenge the existing fighters the RAF was using. This aircraft expanded into a whole [...]

RAF Hawker Fury Mk.1

This article is intended to supplement and expand on Rick Kent's excellent Hawker Fury markings article on this website. The Hawker Fury was the first 200 mph aircraft to serve with the Royal Air Force. It's been reasonably well served by [...]

Modelling early Wellesley Squadrons in 1/72

Most Wellesley models focus on the Second World War service in the middle east. Not so many actually represent the home squadrons which were equipped with the bomber before the war. The first squadron to get the Wellesley was No. 7 - [...]