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I model 1/72 almost exclusively. I focus on the Interwar period and don't build outside it. I especially love biplanes but they do cause me to curse quite a bit. However, the end result is worth it. I hate unrigged biplane models though - they aren't finished.

Romanian Fighter

After all the hassle of complex conversions and difficult kits I felt I'd earned an easy build. Looking around I saw that IBG had released an early P.11B which fitted the bill perfectly. I like IBG kits - they go together easily and are [...]

Norwegian Trainer

This little model came about via a series of freebies from very kind friends. One of my Norwegian friends gifted me the decals and the kit and an American friend the SBS accessories. The Norwegian Air Force ordered the Tiger Moth to [...]

Army CooperationRomanian Style

Introduction The IAR-37 was intended to replace the Potez 25s used by the Royal Romanian Air Force which were getting a bit long in the tooth. The design concept was similar and the rigging pattern basically the same but the aircraft was [...]

The First B-2

History The B-2 Spirit is actually the second aircraft to bear the designation; the first was a Curtiss interwar biplane bomber which entered service in 1929. The name Condor, though, was a Curtiss creation, the USAAC always referred to [...]

Correcting the Azur Vickers Vincent

In 2011 the Special Hobby/Azur group introduced a series of injection molded kits covering the Vickers Vildebeest and its associated variants. This was exciting news as previous kits had been the Contrail vacform and a couple of resin [...]

Higher and higher

Interwar aviation wasn't just biplanes and silver wings. A lot of valuable research took place under the guise of competition. Aviation was new; it was a prestige activity and the boost to national morale and pride of an aviation success [...]

Greek Trainer

Acknowledgements Once again massive thanks to Spiros Pendedekas (@fiveten) and Giannis Asimakos (@mfcg) both of whom were unsparing in their help and assistance in helping me with information to realise this project. Both were more than [...]

Army Cooperation

The Hawker Hector was an interim type and the last of the Hart family. The previous army cooperation Hart - the Audax was getting a bit long in the tooth and a new type was needed. With Hind production taking up the available Kestrel [...]

Belgian Thoroughbred

In 1930 the Belgians were considering what their new fighter aircraft was to be. They'd held a competition and settled on the rather pedestrian Dewoitine D.27 and the Czech Avia BH-33. However, the air force staff attended the Hendon Air [...]

Molesworth's horse

In Searle and Willian's Molesworth books - the delinquent schoolboy tries betting on horses and he chooses a glossy nice looking animal that falls at the first fence. The Renard R-31 reminds me very much of that tale - a nice looking, [...]