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1959 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop.

I love to build Cadillac car's as I owned 3 of them starting out in 1951, which is a long time ago.
This 1/25th scale Cadillac "Eldorado" Hard Top kit was made by . All the parts were nicely formed and as you can see there was next to no flashing. I was able to drill in the spark plug wire holed in the tiny distributor and insert the blue spark plug wires. The 3 Cadillac that I owned had black wires, but I choose to make my model wires using a different color. Long ago I bought lots of different color coated 0.10" diameter wires at "Radio Shack " here in America.

The car's interior seats and other parts were painted, then went together A-OK!
I doubled checked the diameter of all four road wheels and made sure they were the same size as I did not want the car to set on only 2 or 3 wheels.

You will notice that I forgot to paint the letters on the bottom of the front fenders with chrome paint.

I used paint's.


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3 responses

  1. This is MASTER class, Rodney.
    All the best!

    • 2 Spiros & Louis:

      When I was young, all the ladies said I was the best, so I just kept at it with everything else I did. Now I wonder, 'cause back then I though they were talking about something else, other than building models...ho----hummmm!

      I went to 29 model contests before I won an "Honorable Mention" on a model. I got the bright idea that someone has to take the "First Place" awards home so why not me!

      What really made me become a better model builder was being "Volunteered" by another modeler to be a "JUDGE" at a local contest. That day was a real "EYE-OPENER" as I learned so much about accuracy ( Alignment, sink marks, panel lines, paint and that every model has to set on all the tires and a Boeing 707/747 & 787 has lot's of tires and all the tires have to have the same diameter. I judged at almost 200 contest from 1984 to 2016.

      I was told that liquid plastic goes into the mold and when it's cooled down they open the mold and pop out the parts. Some parts shrink more than others. Go measure the 2 main landing gear struts on a jet model and/or on a P-51/Fw-190, etc. You will fine that they are not the same length> The end is: "Your model is out of alignment and it will not sit on all the tires, then one wingtip is closer to the table and the same for the tail plane. Go make a tank and you will find similar you know why I got 301 awards at home...'cause I learned how to build a model RIGHT!
      Later guys, I got to go post another "OUT of ALINEMENT" award winning car of mine.

  2. These 59 Cadillac’s were my Dad’s favorite car. I see why. They have beautiful lines to them.

    Your attention to the little details are what sets your work apart from the rest. I can always pick your builds out right away.

    Another fabulous model Rodney. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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