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Started building models again after a 25 year break. Enjoy warbirds, armor, muscle cars, and motorcycles. Began creating original model kits with 3D CAD and 3D printing to push my creativity.

Artist and graphic designer by trade. Minnesota born and raised farm kid.

1:8 1917 Excelsior Board Track Racer-3D Scratch Build

Like other manufacturers, Ignatz Schwinn, who acquired Excelsior in 1911, believed racing improved motorcycle engineering through track testing. The visibility of racing success helped sales as well. A machine similar to the one I built [...]

1:8 Super X Deadwood Special3D Scratch Build

In the Spring of 2000 I was working in the styling department for Excelsior-Henderson in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. The company had plans to unveil a hydraulic front (non-springer) end version of the Super X at the Sturgis Bike Rally in [...]

Blood BrothersTwo Era’s of Thunderbolts

A while back I ran across an article about an A-10 from the 124th Fighter Wing/190th Fighter Squadron painted in World War II D-Day livery as an homage to the Squadron’s heritage and it gave me an idea. I’ve always been a big fan of [...]

Halo Master Chief

I thought I'd step outside my norm and build a figure for a change. Never really played the game Halo, but I recently watched the new Paramount Halo series and fell in love with the Spartan armor. So, after some digging I found this very [...]

1:25 John Deere 40203D Scratch Built

The legendary 4020 was born in 1963 and it’s safe to say a love affair began with many farmers that burns as hot today as it did when they first saw black smoke roll out of the muffler. The 4020 was, and still is, one of those [...]

Last of the V8 Interceptors-American Style

When I was a kid there was just something cool about Mad Max. Not that it was a great movie but it was so different it was like watching something from a different world. Something forbidden. And then when the Road Warrior came out I was a [...]

1:8 Excelsior-Henderson Super X3D Scratch Built

About a year ago I had an idea to scratch build an Excelsior-Henderson Super X. Reason being—a model of one doesn’t exist and I worked at E-H in the late 90s and have always wanted to own one. While the real bikes are out there and not [...]

1:35 M19 Tank Transporter & D7 Military Dozer

This build has been a long time in the making. For years I’ve wanted to honor my grandfather’s service during World War II but have been unable to locate an AutoCar heavy truck model which he’s standing by in the photo. I know there [...]

1:48 Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair, VF-84, White 167Jim Sullivan GB

I bought this kit for $10 at a model show and just had it sitting around for a rainy day. Well, we haven’t had a rainy day in Minnesota since May so I opted to use it for this group build. I wish I had something more unique to offer, but [...]

1:1 Star Wars DL-44 Heavy Blaster - 3D Print

When I was seven years old Han Solo was indeed the coolest cat in the entire galaxy. Therefore I just had to BE him after seeing Star Wars. And God-love my dad who spent the afternoon building me a “Han Solo” blaster. His good eye [...]