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Halo Master Chief

April 27, 2024 · in Figures · · 11 · 142

I thought I'd step outside my norm and build a figure for a change. Never really played the game , but I recently watched the new Paramount Halo series and fell in love with the Spartan armor. So, after some digging I found this very detailed 3D model from so I snatched it up and printed a John 117 figure.

As I said the model is well detailed and comes with three rifle options plus a base. I opted for the classic Halo assault rifle. First time using chipping fluid and I think it turned out pretty good. I painted a basecoat of Mission gloss black and Vallejo steel over that. Then sprayed MIG chipping fluid covered by Vallejo OD primer. The Vallejo OD primer is a great match to standard US OD green. After that we all know the process. Washes and powers to achieve a battle-worn Halo Spartan.

My attempt at achieving the classic gold Master Chief face shield was produced by mixing Vallejo gold and copper metallics 1:1. I think it came out pretty good. The last little easter egg I added was a "Tomcatters" decal to his left shoulder. Why? Just for the fun of it.

Comment away. Keep building.

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  1. I like what you did there, very good shaped figure and quite convincing finish. I wouldn’t mind building the MS and the rest of his squad

  2. Well done, Matt (@coondog). Your printed figure looks really nice, as does your paint work. I also really liked both seasons of Halo. What kind of printer did you use to create him?

    • Thanks @gblair. I printed the figure on a Elegoo Saturn 2. The model comes in multiple pieces which helps in finishing.

      • Hi Matt (@coondog): I have heard that the Elegoo is a really good printer. I am fairly new to printers and use a Creality Halot One Plus, which I think is similar to yours. My wife got me a Creality Ender 3 last Christmas, but I am just learning how to use a filament printer. I still struggle with getting everything set correctly for a print and I have a fairly high failure rate. 3D printing can really be frustrating at times, but also rewarding. Cheers.

        • My experience with filament printing is limited, but I have heard horror stories. My SLA resin printer has been fairly rock solid. Much of the success comes from the setup and supports. It’s a art as much as a science.

  3. Nice work on something outside your comfort zone and a super result.

  4. Excellent result, Matt!

  5. Very nice result, Matt @coondog
    Great 3D printing.

  6. I’ve no idea what this is about, Matt, but it looks great.

  7. Hey Matt,

    I love it 😀
    Master Chief will be very happy with the result - just don't expect him to say so ha ha 😀

    The amour effects look great, and the visor is spot on - you nailed it 🙂

    Like you, I love the Halo story and have read most of the Halo books and watched S1 of the TV show, but I never had an XBox or PC to play the games on - I still wish they'd released it on the PS3 (I know, old timer ha ha).

    Great work, fantastic result and good onya for stepping away and out of your comfort zone.

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