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Nice built. Beautiful model with excellent fit and very good details. But too many small pieces for my age... Hehe Painted with gunze colours Varnish Galleria Windsor Hope you like it. Thank you very much!

Dragon Wagon 1/35 Tamiya

Exceptional kit with perfect fit! Painted with Gunze Colours (Mr Hobby) Varnish: Galleria Gloss and Matt I would do it again this model for sure. I hope the friend it is for will enjoy it in his office. I hope you like it. Thank yo very [...]

M-998 HUMVEE 1/35 Italeri

Easy model kit with nice fitting. A gift for a friend. Painted with tamiya and AK colours and Galleria varnish. I hope you like it. Thank you for watching

M-48A3 1/35 Tamiya

Simple and cheap kit. Small amound off putty The model painted with Gunze and AK colours and Winsor Galleria varnish. I recommend the model to anyone who wants a simle but beatiful model at least in my thoughts. hehe

Leo 2a6 revell 1/35

Leo 2a6 Revell 1/35 Colours: gunze Varnish: winsor galleria Simple model kit with no fitting problems. A change to my buildings... hehe lets get back to aircrafts. I hope you like it. Thank you for watching. Good evening from Greece


Eduard model kit is a rebox hasegawa with resin seat and pe goodies for the cockpit. Also resin wheels. The model is perfect fitting with a lot of detail. Very happy to build and i would happy do it again. The colous i used are Gunze H-325 [...]

F-86E (M) HAF

F-86m Academy 1/48 Colours ; gunze super metallic Beatiful kit with no putty. The super metallic gunze are exceptional colours very strong to masking. You can mix them with all the gunze like me with a little gray and fade some [...]

Mig-21 MF Slovak Air Force

Eduard model kit. Nothing notted. Beatiful kit with no fitting problems. The model painted with Gunze colours much faded because you can se the real photos. Thank you very much for watching.


Beatiful aircraft but in 1/48 they are a lot better easier model kit than hasegawa. Especially in the wheel bays many fit issues and generaly needs a lot of work and putty. The aircraft painted it with Gunze colors and Winsor varnish. The [...]

P-51d 1/48 tamiya

P-51d 1/48 tamiya Gunze super metallic different shades. Gunze color for interior. Winsor varnish. Beatiful model with no putty at all. After market decal masks and seat belts and Everything went very nice. Thank you for watching.