P-40 F Warhawk

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Finally a good Quality kit, its a 1/48 from Hobby Craft, good decals and great fit. I did extensive research to find a version with desert camouflage that has a generous "shark mouth" which I made drawing by hands free, no decals this time. I was very pleased with the results ... Enjoy ...

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  1. Nice P-40...no worries with decal wrinkles there, huh? Outstanding free-hand paint work. Looks like a very extensive collection there, too.

  2. Very nice and a great collection as well. Looks like the AMT mold.

  3. Nice build and fine hand painted teeth sir.
    I like the stands, are they custom built per plane?

    Well done sir.

  4. Nice looking P-40 - although not considered one of the better aircraft, it is one of my favorites - just such an icon of WWII. I also love the desert camo scheme and plan to finish my second P-40 in that one (I had to do the Flying Tigers for the first one of course!).

  5. I'm amazed Hasegawa didn't do an F in their series. The nose contours are probably what keeps them from doing so, it is subtly different.
    Yours looks really fine. A P-40 without a sharkmouth is somehow missing something, huh? Not discounting the parrothead, skull, yellow tiger, etc.

  6. Nice sharkmouth, done the same way they did theirs. Each one is/was different.
    We just put one on the A-7 we have at the museum, which just got painted by the paint crew. They had a guy put a BIG decal sharkmouth on ours, and it worked! I missed the application, but it looks good.

  7. Bernard you got the idea. If they hand painted the nose art, so let's paint too!

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