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Modeler from Brazil! Anesthesiologist, 57 y.o. father of six (all girls!) Focus on Warbirds since WWII in 1:48 scale! New on the hobby and passionate for the history of the WWII .

Wildcat – The unsung hero of the Pacific Theater of Operations

Those aircraft and crew changed the history in Midway! Outperformed by the Japanese Zero, this aircraft with it ruggedness ally with bravery and tactics achieved the air combat kill-to-loss ratio of about 6:1! This is an Hobby Boss model [...]

F4U-1 Corsair Birdcage

Since I read an article about the aces in the WWII, I became passionate for those warbirds. I was twelve years old! The Corsair was my favorite!

Mitsubishi A6M5 ZERO ” Zeke”

I admire the courage of those man, both sides! I´m building the warbirds of the Pacific Theater of Operations. This is second one! My first was a F4u - Corsair New on the hobbie, with a little help I get there! Hello from Brazil (Brasil [...]