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B-25 Mitchell 1/32 HK Models

January 14, 2017 · in Aviation · · 24 · 5.8K

ProfiModeller barels
Paints Gunze, Alclad
Eduard wheels, pchoto-etched
G-factor landing gear
Paasteela mask

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  1. A thumping great model in this scale. You've caught it just right.

  2. I like it, really !

  3. Excellent!
    I really like the metal finish and the frames for the canopy and the glazed nose are exquisite.
    Hat off

  4. A nice looking build and a nice set of photos...tell me - just what IS the wingspan of this great kit...?

  5. Very impressive build.
    Dirk/ The Netherlands.

  6. Really nice Arthur !. It has a very realistic look about it.

  7. Big is not the word for it, massive is nearer the truth.
    And well executed too.
    Nice one Artur

  8. Excellent depiction of one of the real workhorses, lovely pictures and lovely girl as well.

  9. Very impressive build. I plan on eventually building a smaller 1/48 version as a tribute to a distant cousin.

    He flew with the unit your plane is painted up as. He may even have flown in this actual "MMR' plane. He was a top turret gunner and was KIA over Italy on October 3rd, 1944. His plane was shot down by a 88MM flak gun. It took a direct hit on number 1 engine and caught fire. The plane crashed with no survivors.

    His name was Thomas Bricen and he flew 58 missions out of Corsica. He was a Staff Sergeant and was in the 445th Bomb Squadron, 321st bomb Group, 12th AF. I have been able to document some of the planes that he flew missions on. Some of them now have decal sets available, which will make my job easier. He flew numerous missions on "Stuff", "Blonde Bomber", "Cuddle Bunny", and possibly "MMR" (not 100 percent sure yet on this one).

    The plane he was shot down in was named "Evora" and sadly I haven't been able to find any pictures of it.

    From what I have gathered through research, you have captured the look of the 321's planes very nicely. Excellent work !

    Thanks for posting this...

    • Ironically we lost another family member in a B-25 during WW2. His name was 1st LT. Thomas V. Smith and he was a pilot. His plane crashed on a training mission on April 8th, 1945 into the Sulu Sea near the Philippines.
      He flew with the 100th Bomb Squadron, 42nd Bomb Group, 13th AF. I have found decals for his unit, but not for the plane he went down in.

      Thanks again.

  10. What a beautiful Mitchell! My favorite WWII aircraft - came out fantastic in our hands!

  11. ๐Ÿ™‚ ... Greetings ... ๐Ÿ™‚ :
    Nicely done Artur, very clean and sharp. The detail work on this model really stand out and accounts for your dedication. The scheme and total paint work set's the model apart, good work.

  12. I bet that is massive! Amazing work.

  13. Nice work on the big one.

    Couple points on B-25s in general and Corsica B-25s in particular.

    One mistake we all have made is putting metal framing on the upper turret. The plastic turrets on ALL US bombers other than the early one on B-17s were just glued together with plexiglass reinforcing strips that were not painted. Some of them had the sunshade , which was actually just painted on.

    Very very few of the Corsica B-25s carried to two extra machine guns, I've only seen photos of two during my research for Bridgebusters. The single gun was also removed most of the time, so the bombardier could work unencumbered (the lead bombardiers only, the others were just toggleers).

    This is a great kit that can be recommended unhesitatingly, you'll get a good model every time - as seen here.

  14. Nice job Artur, really looks good. Are those the kit decals,or are they from Bombshell decals?

  15. Go Big or go home! What a beautiful model Arthur. Who makes the decals?
    Love the weathering in those tires.

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