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Luftwaffe Fighters and US NAVY planes Modeler (mostly 1/72) and aviation enthusiast. Living in Hamburg, Germany. Private Pilot (inactive). Served in the German Navy (8 years) in Naval Airwing 3. Started to build scale plastic models (1/72 Planes and 1/32 WW II Figures), when I was 8 or 9 years, till 1995. Paused about 20 years and starting this hobby again around 2001. Since 2007 airbrushing with Mr. Hobby colors and HS Evolution, Aztek 470.

FW-190 A4 Eduard 1:48 rollout and review

Hello and welcome to my rollout and short build review of this fairly new kit from Eduard. First of all, no aftermarket parts are used, so this is an “out of the box” model. The only exception is the thin wire (yellow) on the undercarriage and t[...]

Eduard 1/48 Fw-190 A4 ProfiPACK – Kit review

Hello and welcome to this review. The kit was provided by iModeler for you, to have a closer look at this new Eduard release. • Kit no# 82142 (Fw-190 A4 ProfiPACK) • plastic parts: about 100, plus etched parts • No. of decal options: 5 • decal[...]

My award for the Eduard FW-190 F8 1/72

Hello dear board members, this weekend I got my award for the model of the month, the Eduard FW-190 F8 in 1/72 This is a very generous gift from iModeler, and I am very happy with that kit. It is the Eduard Profipack 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf-110G[...]

Airfix Bf-109E3 1/72 duo 6./JG26 Schlageter

Hello, today I would like to show you a few pictures of a "ordinary" day at the JG 26 luftwaffe squadron in 1940. The planes are the brown 5 and the brown 6, both Airfix kits in 1/72. The figures are from Zvezda and Preiser. I Was inspired by th[...]

Hasegawa Bf-109 E1 (made from E4 kit) 1/72 “Leo Zaunbrecher”

This is the Bf-109 E1"Leo Zaunbrecher" made from Hasegawas 109 E4. Uffz Zaunbrecher managed a forced landing with his machine on 12 August 1940, after an air battle with Spitfires from 615 Sqn, in a wheat field near Lewes. This shot was assigned[...]

Eduard FW-190 F8 1/72

This is a superb kit, If you like to bulid a F8, you can't find a better one like this. Complete out of the box (Profipak) incl. nice decal options. I used Mr. Hobby Colors H68 – RLM 74 H69 – RLM 75 H417 – RLM 76 H70 – RLM 02 [...]

Tamiya FW-190 A3 > A2 1/72

The aircraft, "blue 2" of Leopold (Poldi) Wenger was stationed in Caen-Carpiquet France in the middle of August 1942. This plane has no outer armor in the wings, probably to compensate the weight of the bomb. On 19 August 1942, Wenger made a cra[...]

Academy Me 163 Komet 1/72

Here comes my Me 163 Komet in 1/72 with Eduard Set #SS256 an two Preiser Figures. The little shelter is from The Academy kit is easy to build, but has some inaccuracies I discoverd to late. The tube attachment on the left wing is no[...]

Eduard Fw-190 A8 1/72 “weapons maintenance”

The Eduard Fw-190 A8 is a realy nice kit and if you like, you can go further by adding one of Eduards superb brassin parts. I decided to make a maintenance scene in a little hangar (custom made). Let me know what you think about this model. Key[...]

Tamiya BF-109 E 4 1/72 with little Luftwaffe Hangar

The illustrated machine is the white 7 of the Lt. Josef Bürschgens 7./JG 26, Caffiers Aug. 1940, that is, at the time of the Battle of Britain. As you know, the Tamiya kits are a pleasure to build and there are no difficulties to bring this one [...]