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TBD-1 DEVASTATOR from Airfix in 1/72, an experiment…

April 22, 2020 · in Aviation · · 28 · 3.9K

-1 from in scale

Hello, after a long break I have a new, but very old NAVY plane for you.
TBD-1 DEVASTATOR from Airfix in 1/72 scale. I represent a plane of VT-8 from . Note: The overpainted “8 –“ on the fuselage is intentionally.

The special thing about the kit: This time I took apart an old, already built kit from Airfix, to build it a second time. I did this because I am an Airfix fan and this old kit is hard to find or expensive. I decided to make an experiment just to see if I can do a job better than the first try.

I carefully disassembled the kit and put it in oven cleaner. After about 2 hours I was able to carefully wash off the old paint with a dish brush. Since the old kit is over 50 years old, it has typical features of that time: rows of rivets that are much too large, a rudimentary cockpit and canopy parts that are too thick.
I decided to leave most of this vintage kit parts as it is, except the canopy. I heated transparent plastic film over a candle flame and pulled it over the old canopy, bt I did not managed to make this in one piece.
I pimped the cockpit with some scratch build parts to bring a little more life in it (ie. the fire extinguisher).

To make it clear, there are many kits out there who will represent the TBD-1 way better than this old piece of plastic, but I have a heart for vintage kits like this one, esp. Airfix kits.

I have use AK-Real Colors:

RC256 Blue Grey

RC220 Light Gull Grey

RC262 US int. Yellow Green

I am very satisfied with those colors, but the Blue Grey appears a little to bright in my opinion.
Hope you guys like the pictures, the next plane will leave my workbench in a few days, an Airfix Vought Kingfisher in 1/72 scale


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  1. You did great honor to this kit, Andreas! Its second life!

  2. You did a beautiful job, especially in 1/72! Very well done!

  3. Thank you colleagues!

  4. that looks wonderful

  5. I remember that one, waaaaaay back. It was the only TBD around and I was happy to get it.
    The overall lines aren't too bad. Nice work(s)

  6. Nice work, Andy! The model looked great in its original paint too. The blue/gray looks like a very faded version. I’ve seen vintage color photos of SBDs in that scheme that appeared to match the AK shade. The scheme weathered really bad. I’m an Airfix fan too, and the TBD deserves their new tool treatment.

  7. Thank you guys. I am very happy that you like it. I forgot to tell that the canopy is a self-made one.

  8. that looks REALLY good - much better than many larger scale Devastators I have seen. You absolutely nailed that paint with the weathering. very well done sir!

  9. Awesome Andreas, simply awesome.

  10. Excellent job, giving new breath of life to a vintage kit, Andreas. Looks perfect!
    All the best!

  11. Home run Andreas! I can't say it looked bad before, but even still your experiment paid dividends. I agree with others that the paint hue looks great from here. I especially like the painted over "8". Well done!

  12. A successful experiment! Looks great. Nice work on the canopy. I'm tempted to find one of these kits myself.

  13. Andreas, wonderful work giving this classic a new life. The work on the canopy was a great idea and well done. I like it a lot !

  14. I echo everyone else's comments. Your photography really brings it to life too; you really give the impression of a much larger craft than the scale would suggest.

  15. Fantastic work on a venerable kit. You've inspired me to check my stash for one!

  16. What a comeback Andreas! you pulled an ace with this one. And, though US Navy colours are not mythical, the paint you used gives me a distinct “Life” magazine colour photo of the real planes, so it can be that far off.

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    said on April 23, 2020

    Your Devastator looks real in your pictures. Great build of a very old kit!

  18. Andreas, this is awesome. Your work on the finish and the new canopy raise this humble Airfix kit to a new level.

  19. Remarkable rebuild.

  20. Wow, Startling realism, especially for 1/72. The carrier deck setting really brings out the qualities of the build. Great job on the greenhouse canopy.

  21. You did an amazing job on this old classic, I also have a passion for the really old Airfix kits so I can appreciate what you have done here.

  22. Wow! Your comments honoures me a lot, many, many thanks! And as I said, I will post a 2nd Airfix kit of this period very soon.

  23. Oh man, you did an incredible job on this! I have this old kit but haven't built it yet, and I think I have Midway decals for it. I'm probably going to use your build as a reference! Love it.

  24. Great re-build..awesome photography and realistic detail work. This is the third time I've come back to this article to look it over again! I love this aircraft! The original paint scheme looked pretty good too!

  25. The photography is very convincing. Great carrier deck and very nice sea/sky backdrop.

  26. For this scale, the result is really impressive. I actually thought your first pics were pictures of a real plane :-O

  27. Hey, thank you guys, you make my day : )

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