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1/72 Airfix F4F-4 Wildcat black 5, VC-58, USS Block Island, Atlantic, May 1941

October 14, 2019 · in Aviation · · 19 ≡

Hello, this is my 3rd rollout. This time I will show you my -4 in 1/72 scale. I have provided some photos of the build, to show you a little bit more of the story behind this project.

Don't hesitate to ask me about techniques or challenges.

In my opinion, Airfix did a good job on this model kit, however I added a photo etched cockpit, a resin motor and landing gear covers to this kit. I also have build a new (thinner) canopy, because the one from the kit is to thick in my opinion. But now, see yourself, hope you like it.

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  1. Another small masterpiece Andreas 🙂 wonderfully painted and weathered, very eye catching indeed!
    What happened with the Airbrush? Real colours (like all lacquers) are almost impossible to clog the tip of the AB

  2. Thank you pedro. My Evolution was congested, I think residues of another varnish were the reason.

  3. Wow 1/72 scale, that model is small in 1/48 let alone 1/72. Excellent work and great pics as well.

  4. Very nice 72 build, how did you make the tie-down racks? Congrats!

  5. Thank you guys! The deck with the photo etched tie-down ist from "dream model"

  6. Yet another outstanding build and presentation, sir...fabulous job!

  7. that is. . . I'm. . . - WOW. 72nd you say. . .
    Now, what a great build! I hope one day I may get a bit closer to this - in 48th scale that is!
    Wonderful pictures - how did you make the prop spin in the last pictures?

    • Tak Erik!
      The spinning prop:
      I drilled a hole in the resin motor and used a cannula as a motor shaft, so that the prop can spin very easy. Then carefully give a little push with one finger to the prop and with the other hand I pressed the shutter of my camera (google pixel 1 in 16:9 format) voila!

  8. A stunning achievement. Absolutely masterful, and if possible, I like it better than your Hellcat. I've also always like the Atlantic paint schemes.

  9. Thank you David! Next project will be a pacific Avenger (Hasegawa) in 1/72

  10. This is an awesome build, Andreas, especially in 1/72! I really like the paint scheme. The deck and background make it look like you could hop in and fly off. The cockpit & engine are real show stoppers. I just started using AK Real Colors and really like them.

  11. That's a beauty! I can really appreciate it as a fellow 1/72 modeler. I'm just getting into airbrushing, and am looking for the paints to settle on - haven't tried AK yet...

  12. Looks great! This Airfix Wildcat is on my wish list, but I have to show some self control... The stash is already too big.

  13. Nice work, it is a good kit. That resin engine is a definite improvement, giving something for the rear of the engine you can see in the gear well.

    Where did you find that scheme? It's very different from every other Atlantic Scheme I have seen.

    Minor typo: should be "1944" not "1941." Easy to fix.

  14. Thank you very much gentlemen! Allways a pleasure for me.
    i found the scheme here:

  15. Super sexy build. As always...your photos are artwork as are your planes.

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