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I had three older brothers (and one younger sister) and there was always one of us building some kind of aircraft, be it a scale plastic model or a free flight rubber band powered kit or a gas powered U-Control plane. The end of summer vacation was typically highlighted by the riding our bikes the the waterfront of Toronto and watching the Canadian National Exhibition Air-Show with memories of seeing my first Starfighter or B-52 or being able to (almost) see inside the cockpit of a banking Corsair flying by within the breakwater. By the time I graduated High School though, the model building took a back seat.

Having a itch to make 'something' and being a bit of a history nut and always loving the technical aspect of things, somehow I found my way back to scale modelling after being away for about 35 years.

Finding a community of scale modelers like iModeler is such a confidence booster and provides such great support for any hobby enthusiast.

I looking forward to completing a lot of kits in my old stash and some of the kits from recent purchases - somehow I have ended up in owning over 400 aircraft kits yet to be built - so I do have some work ahead of me and my newly acquired bifocals are ready.

A Neat Little `Nate` Ki-27b from Hasegawa in 1/72

This is the Hasegawa kit NP9 Nakajima Ki-27b ‘Nate’, depicting the aircraft flown by Capt. Shironaga with the 24th Flight Regiment in the Philippines in 1940. Interesting history behind the Ki-27, being the Imperial Japanese Army Air [...]

A Captured Zero, Airfix A6M2b 1/72

‘Sticking’ to the Rising Decals MM72-0101 Dying Suns Pt.2 decal sheet, I wanted to have a captured Zero in my display. The decal sheet called for a Nakajima built A6M2 m.21 and specified the aircraft had type 99 Mark II cannons - I had [...]

A Captured Lightning Bolt, Hasegawa J2M3 ‘Jack’ 1/72

This wasn’t on my radar, but when I found Rising Decals MM72-0101 Dying Suns Pt.2 decal sheet in the decal bin at my LHS, I knew I had this Hasegawa ‘B2’ kit and thought I’d give it a go. I have seen Aircraft BI-01 in many photos [...]

A ‘George’, by George! Hasegawa 1/72 N1K2-J

I don’t know how long I’ve had this kit, but Scalemates shows this ‘Blue B1’ boxing being released in 1980 (original tooling from 1977 – but it might even be an older Mania kit?). Impressive kit with very nice fit and nicely [...]

Helmut Wick Bf109 E-4 Yellow 2, Hasegawa A9 in 1/72

After finishing the ZG1 Bf-109, I decided to quickly finish the Hasegawa kit that I had. I bought the Stippling Decals SPH-K72031 from Special Hobby for this aircraft, hoping that this old Hasegawa kit released in 1987 (original molding [...]

‘Little Stinger’ Bf-109E-7 III./ZG 1, HobbyBoss 80261 in 1/72

I had another 1/72 HobbyBoss Bf-109 kit kicking around and when I came across Decals 7204 from 'Ministry of Small Aircraft Production' I figured that I should practice my mottling painting on this little stinger. I also had decals from the [...]

F-16C Fighting Falcon, Dragon 1/144'F-16 at 50' GB

Initiated a little while ago to populate a mini-display cabinet, this F-16C build was restarted thanks to the 'F-16 at 50' Group build. Thanks to Erik Gjørup (@airbum) for the motivation. This F-16C is half of the Dragon 'Air [...]

Another build with the nephew, Monogram/Mattel F-14A Tomcat

Noah, my 7 year old nephew paid a few more visits this summer. Lucky for him that a few family birthdays were celebrated at our house, since we have the pool. When I showed him the old Mattel/Monogram F-14 with its swing-wing action, he [...]

Canadian Falcon? A kids eye view.

My 7 year old nephew, Noah had some ‘great ideas’ of how a Canadian F-16B would look. On his first visit, we quickly assembled the Hasegawa kit D14 - he clipped out the parts and he held the parts in place while I dabbed the CA glue, [...]

1/72 F-16A No.322 Sqn RNLAF "40th Anniversary"

I had this Hasegawa ‘F-16A-Plus’ Kit 601 partially built for some time and decided to finish it, but I wasn't sure which scheme to choose for painting. Checking my decal stash, I found 'ModelDecal' Set #74 which features F-16A J-252 [...]