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Meng FT-17 (Rivet) "Rode hard and put up wet"

April 7, 2015 · in Armor · · 11 · 1.2K

A WIP, no mud (yet) for that I'll use tube watercolor, Paint by AK, acrylic washes.The full dio will take a while.

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  1. Not being familiar with the kit, I have to ask...what scale is it? It's hard to tell the size with nothing for comparison in your pics. 🙁

  2. Absolutely STUNNING! The weathering is top notch. With the planned AK treatment it is going to look even better! Well done!

  3. I think a French tank? Coming on nicely.

  4. Yes it's a french tank ! Renault built this , the frst modern tank with 360° turret...
    Good job !

  5. Beautiful work.

  6. I haven't built a tank model since JFK was in the White House. But after viewing this beauty, I'm tempted to purchase this kit and take a crack at it. This is really a well made model, great paint job, look forward to the diorama completion.

  7. Looks really nice! I don't build armor, but enjoy well-built, well-weathered projects. I look forward to the diorama when done.

  8. AlwYs loved this tank. Looking forward to seeing it done.

  9. Merrill,
    Absolutely gorgeous

  10. Looking great so far, Merrill, this is a very interesting tank, the basic design of rear engine, 360 degree turret, and forward cab is still used today.

  11. Teyed among you may notice the left rear suspension is not in contact with the track, I didn't notice until I published the photos, it's OK, the suspension works, but the many washes make it stick, a bit when handled.. I will use the diorama base that came with it, as part of the dio.

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