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Had bad asthma at birth and could not do any kind of stuff like baseball, football etc. So I started building models at a very young age. My first model was an AMT Lincoln Continental, brush painted, of course. After that I found airplanes and was hooked ever since. Got my first airbrush in my early teens and I've worked with one on pretty much everything.

I still have my forays into ships, big trucks, and once in a while a car, but those high gloss finishes really kick me in the backside. It seems like all I have to do is breath wrong and it gets messed up. I keep trying though, stubborn like that.

Some of my work over the years

Have been modeling for over 40 years. Have been doing aircraft, ships, big trucks, and sometimes cars. The cars really kick my butt though. Here is a link to my websites: (link) . Enjoy the pics...