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Born in 1972, I have been building aircraft models since I was 10. I’ve done many other things in my life (usually centered around aircraft and flying…) but the plastic models have been the one constant thing that has always been there, sometimes in the background but I have never given it up. Nowadays I would consider modelling my “main hobby”. Other things I enjoy are road cycling, photography and jazz music (I was once the world’s worst big band trumpeter…).

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1/72 Fine Molds Bf-109F-2

I'm in as well! This is the Fine Molds Bf-109F-2 in the colours of 206-victory ace Hans Philipp from JG 54. A very nice kit that builds easily! Decals are from the old Aeromaster "Luftwaffe Top Guns"-sheet of 1990s vintage. Paint is mostly Valle[...]

Summing up 2012!

Not a very good year modelling-wise with only three kits finished. The fact that two of them are very small doesn't make it more impressive either! So here we go, two MiG-21s from Eduard in 1/144 scale. One Slovak one in the "Milka"-scheme whil[...]

A Spitfire Mk 22/24 double-build in 1/72!

At the same time as I bought the Mustang I also picked up another one of Airfix´s latest offerings, the Spitfire 22. And since I am a Spitfire fan I of course also happened to have the Xtrakit kit in the stash so off we go for a double build! [...]
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