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A Spitfire Mk 22/24 double-build in 1/72!

November 4, 2012 · in Aviation · · 4 · 2K

At the same time as I bought the Mustang I also picked up another one of ´s latest offerings, the 22. And since I am a Spitfire fan I of course also happened to have the Xtrakit kit in the stash so off we go for a double build!

Airfix box-art…

…and the box contents. Very much like the Mustang!

Xtrakit box-art…

…and the box contents. Looks quite different, lots of small parts!

A clever trick from Airfix! By using angled ejectors in the moulds they have managed to make very nice Griffon-bulges that would otherwise have been impossible to mould integrally with the fuselage halves! Nice touch, the engineer in me approves !

Finally, I have gotten myself an Xtradecal sheet with a myriad of marking options. I will go for a high speed silver Mk 22 from Turnhouse and a camouflaged Mk 24 from Kai Tak (old time favourite from the Matchbox 1/32 kit!).



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4 responses

  1. This is just so cool. Love the new Arifix, and the way they're turning our odd-mark Spitfires these days!

  2. Magnus,

    So what's the verdict? I have just bought an Airfix kit, so no I have both. Which do you think is more buildable?

  3. Any news on these two, Magnus?
    Working on and off on the Airfix offering myself. Not crazy about the weighted tires, makes me think of the True Detail items of the past...

  4. Sorry friends! Spent my time lately on a review build of the new Eduard Bf-110 so these have been pushed to the back burner for a while.

    I can however offer a quick verdict: go for Airfix! But if you have the Xtrakit in the stash your'e of course obliged to build that one as well...



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