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Single, dowdy, old spinster who lives with two cats in the east of England.
Mainly builds 1:72 and a few 1:32 with the very occasional 1:48. Currently on a French kick.
Love to turn old sows ears into silk purses.
Got my love of modelling from being the first born, who should have been a boy and was going to be taught how to build models by my dad, like it or not.

1:72 Airfix De Haviland Vampire T.11

As you can probably tell by now I'm quite taken with Airfix's new tooled kits and this oneis one of the good ones. Finished with Citadel Mithril Silver and Xtradecal set X72-172 as WZ584 (K) from the Central Air Traffic Control School based at R[...]

My work bench

Yesterday Craig expressed a wish to see my workspace, I took these photos last summer, it still much the same but now the pint racks are full. I've still to finish the bench, the units you see are made by a Polish company called Hobbyzone. I nee[...]

1:72 Airfix EE Lightening F.2

Another of Airfix's little beauties. Built this one in 2014 and finished it as 'King Cobra' using Xtradecals.

1: 72 Airfix C-47 French Airforce

Airfix's great representation of the C-47 Dakota this time finished as `Franche-Comte' in French Indochina, using Berna decals and using a mix of Vallejo Model Air, Gunze and Citadel paints.

1:72 Airfix Fouga CM.170 Magister

Airfix's venerable old kit again, this time show in French Air Force markings using Berna decals.

1:72 Heller Criquet

Heller's classic old kit, yes it has raised detail, yes the decals were nearly shot and yes it needed some engineering skills, but I loved every minuted of the build.

1:72 Airfix P-40

Another of Airfix's newer offerings that goes together well. Although I've finished it as the same aircraft on the box art I have substituted Airfix's decals with ones from Kits World. In the end I used decals from both Kits World and the ones s[...]

1:72 Kinetic F-16D

Nice little kit albeit a shrunk down version of Kintetic's 1:48 early version complete with the 'droop snoot' nose error :( She is finished a a plane from the Royal Moroccan Air Force I think I use Tamiya acrylics on this and the decals were [...]

1:72 Airfix Magister

Airfix's old but quite nice offering of the Fouga CM.170 Magister. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and finished as an example from the Bangladeshi Air Force.

1:72 Airfix Gladiator

Another little gem from Airfix, finish in French Air Force markings using Xtradecals and painted with Vallejo Model Air. Once again rigged using EZ Line