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1: 72 Airfix C-47 French Airforce

Airfix’s great representation of the C-47 Dakota this time finished as `Franche-Comte’ in French Indochina, using Berna decals and using a mix of Vallejo Model Air, Gunze and Citadel paints.

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8 responses to 1: 72 Airfix C-47 French Airforce

  1. Looking good, Michelle. Nice weathering and all radio antennas. This is the new Dak from Airfix?

  2. Michelle any thoughts on how this kit went together? Was it a bear to put together or a walk in the park? I like seeing a unconventionally conventional subject shown in new colors. I wasn’t aware that the French flew them in Nam. The neat thing about DC-3/C-47( like Me-109s) are all of the different color options and conversions. Two thumbs up on this one.

  3. Another little beauty, Michelle,,,you can’t be building THIS fast, can you? 🙁
    I can only assume many of your submissions were built previously. I/we would be most interested in seeing where your magic is accomplished and your display area(s). Thanks.

  4. Steven, From what I remember the kit goes together very well, I don;t remember any issues.
    This C-47 was transferred from USAAF to the RAF and then at the end off WWII was transferred back to the USA. She was then ‘given’ to the French Air Force to fight against the communist forces in French IndoChina. When the French pulled out she went to Algeria and then on to Chad where she eventually became the VIP transport of Chad’s President.

  5. Vauuu nice build in unusual colors.

  6. Nice work on the finishing and weathering. Good looking model.

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