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I started building models of all types when I was around eight years old, but had stopped building by the time I got to high school. I returned to the hobby after college, and now build 1/48 scale US Navy and Marine Corps subjects exclusively. I have a long -term project to build as many US Navy MiG-killers as I can.

1/48 Hasegawa F4U-4 Corsair

Here'a another one of my older builds, Hasegawa's 1/48 F4U-4 Corsair. Released in 1981 (over 32 years ago!) the Hasegawa -4 features good fit, excellent overall shape and outline, raised panel lines for those who care (I do not), and very basic [...]

1/48 Accurate Miniatures TBF-1C Avenger

Accurate Miniatures' Avengers, along with their SBD Dauntless and F3F series, are among the best 1/48 scale aircraft kits ever produced. Everything - from surface and interior detail to fit of the parts - is about as good as it gets in injected [...]

1/48 Hobbycraft F7U-3M Cutlass

I built the 1/48 Hobbycraft Cutlass many years ago, and so far it's my first and only attempt at a natural metal finish. The Cutlass had a very short career in the fleet for several reasons, mainly due to it being dangerously underpowered. But y[...]

1/48 Revell Sikorski H-19

Here's the ancient 1/48 Revell Sikorski H-19 rescue helicopter that I built many years ago. The overall shape of the kit looks very accurate compared to photos I've seen, but detail is basic or completely lacking in most areas. Fit was suprising[...]

1:48 Monogram A-4F Skyhawk

Here's one of my older builds, the Monogram 1/48 A-4E Skyhawk, that I convertted to an -F. I think the Monogram Skyhawk is is second only to the Hasegawa A-4's, and is probably the best A-4 for the money. The biggest drawbacks are a very basic [...]

MiG-killing Skyhawk: Hobbycraft’s 1/48 A-4C

Here’s the 1/48 Hobbycraft Skyhawk, the A-4C ‘Vietnam’ boxing. The Hobbycraft A-4C is a decent rendering of the venerable Skyhawk, and will provide a fair example of the A-4 out of the box, with generally good fit. But it has some missing detai[...]

1:48 Hasegawa A-4C Skyhawk

Here's my attempt at Hasegawa's A-4C Skyhawk. It's the best-detailed 1:48 Skyhawk available now, though quite expensive and hard to find now. It's an out of the box build, except for the True Details ESCAPAC aftermarket seat I added. I used kit [...]

1/48 Hasegawa F-4J Phantom II

Here's one of my older builds, Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4J Phantom II, which I completed several years ago. Even though the new Academy Phantom probably leaves this kit in the dust as far as detail goes, it's still a great kit, and for many years was t[...]

1/48 Hasegawa F-8E Crusader #2

Here's another of my collection of F-8 Crusaders, a 1/48 Hasegawa F-8E Crusader. I finished it in the markings of a jet flown by VF-162 commanding officer CDR. Richard Bellinger from USS Oriskany, when he downed the Navy's first MiG-21 of the [...]

1:48 Monogram F8J Crusader

Here's a Crusader that I built several years ago, a Monogram F-8E that I converted to a J model, which I have ugraded over time. I added an aftermarket seat, and a flap/droop/underwing bay set by High Flight. I scribed lines on the leading edge [...]