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Hi there,

I've been model making since I was young ,my first model was Airfix 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire which cost me 1sh and 6 pence in old money . I continue making models in The British Army , mainly maritime subjects due the fact I was surrounded by military vehicles and needed a different subject . I did make the odd military vehicles like the 1/24 th model Centurion tank I had no problem with the research as we had two of them parked outside the window parked on the Gunpark.

I took up photography as a aid to my hobby, only to end up as a Unit Photographer a few years later ,my only claim to fame was to catch the shell leaving the end of the barrel of a FH70, I left the British Army after 22 years service to Queen and Country . Now retired I've returned to model making as a hobby maritime subjects along with military and Sci-fi is my call now along with working & driving a Abbot SPG & Stalwart HMLC .

FV434 Fitters Vehicle

Hi All , If you where to see this photograph for the first time , you could be forgiven to thinking that this is the real thing . I'm fact it is a 1/24 scale resin model of a FV434 Fitters Vehicle of the REME made by a firm in the UK [...]

Back to models!

Good Evening Guys , I joined to get back in to model making once again , after a long break . You may have noticed I haven't posted anything yet this is due to these 'old Ladies " , now we have almost come to the end of restoration I [...]