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Hailing from Amstedam living in West Friesland (the Netherlands)

More 1/35 Atlantikwall stuff

German 28cm gun turret . The photos might not capture it well …….but all the bolts have a square hole in the middle, this was the only tedious job of the build .

1/35 German Atlantikwall stuff

A type of German Navy rangefinder in a armourd dome and the small armourd lookout . As used for the Heavy coastal batteries on the atlantikwall, some where on a concrete tower and other on the roof of a special type of bunker . Dome turned on [...]

Battle of Lang Vei PT-76 +Bunker (1/35 scale )

The Battle of Lang Vei began on the evening of 6 February 1968 and concluded during the early hours of 7 February, in Quảng Trị Province, South Vietnam. Towards the end of 1967 the 198th Tank Battalion, People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) 202nd Ar[...]

1/35 Vietnam war bunker and Mortar pit …

The bunker , Completely made from Apoxie sculpt,

1/35 Regelbau type 650 gun bunker( camouflage painting)

Still a long way to go ,

1/35 Regelbau type 650 gun bunker

This will be only a third of the entire bunker (complete bunker aprox 51+ cm in 1/35 scale ) Have made this R650 type before, but without the war damage. See picture . The gun is schratsbuild, Only found a hand full of drawings of the actual gu[...]

1/35 FLAK position

Build for a fellow modeler,

Scratch build 1/35 Stahlunterstände mit aufgesetzten Pantherturm ( Steel pillbox with panther turret)

These were used on the west, Italian and eastern front, They came like this or on a wooden two story construction and encased in reinforced concrete (steel box version ) . Panther turrets were converted into bunkers ever since late 1943. Some w[...]