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“Once upon a time… in the west!” The fabulous Fokker D.VII “Seven Swabians”

About the Fokker D.VII “Seven Swabians” Aircraft fuselages as canvases have left a long and, literally, colourful trace in the history of aviation, across times and nations. The elongated fuselages, the aircraft noses and sometimes also the wing[...]

Silent into battle: the DFS 230

Gliding had always played a special role in Germany from the pioneering days of aviation. however, in connection with the military build-up of the Nazi regime, the beauty of silent flying was soon to be overshadowed by the military instrumentali[...]

A flying razor blade: the Fokker E.V/ D.VIII

About the Fokker E.V/ D.VIII Even in 1918, towards the end of the Great War and after four years of diligent pioneering work to develop ever more powerful aircraft, the sight of a monoplane was still a rarity. All the more so when it was the des[...]

Thunderbirds among themselves! The C-54D Skymaster as a support aircraft for the Thunderbirds.

A C-54 "Skymaster", military descendant of the elegant DC-4 passenger aircraft, is a highly elegant and breathtaking appearance in every way, of that there can be no doubt. The forms of the DC-4 are so timelessly valid that hardly any of the cou[...]

Hard to believe – and yet true: The Waco CG-4, one of the most built aircraft in history!

The Waco CG-4 cargo glider Looking at this plywood and canvas construction, it is hard to imagine the bundle of most remarkable facts associated with this iconic cargo glider. One thing right up front: with over 13 900 produced, the Waco CG-4 i[...]

The phoenix from the ashes: the Fuji T-1A, Japan’s first post-war jet

About the Fuji T-1A The Fuji T-1 is one of those aircraft designs that arouse the curiosity of aviation enthusiasts more through its attractive appearance than through its technical data. In fact, there is something most remarkable behind the cr[...]

The last of its kind: Arado Ar 68, the Luftwaffe’s final biplane fighter aircraft

By the mid-1930s it was clear to the experts that in the medium term the future of military aviation would be found in the development of monoplanes. In many areas, the approach of the metal-covered and aerodynamically slim monoplane had already[...]

Every landing is a crash landing! Airspeed Horsa Mk.I, Operation Tonga, 6. June 1944

Although the Airspeed Horsa is a well-known aircraft and can also claim to be one of the icons of the Allied landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944, I did not realise until this project what a gripping story(s) and most remarkable technology lie be[...]

“He who sows the Fury will reap the Hurricane!” Sidney Camms biplane masterpiece Hawker Fury

With the last years of the 1930s, the era of the biplane in military use finally came to an end. Although it was a farewell, it was a grand departure! The Hawker Fury I can be counted among the top products of a design concept oriented towards t[...]

From a chance encounter I wouldn’t want to miss: record-breaking aeroplane Lesher Teal

The FAI /Fédération Aéronautique Internationale is the leading organisation for the promotion of private sport aviation. As an association, it is almost as old as aviation itself: it was founded in Paris in 1905, and today it has its headquarter[...]