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Tooth correction with a difference: a biting Bf 109D!

The Bf 109 is with about 33,000 examples one of the most built aircraft in aviation history, so it is not surprising that the design has been produced in numerous variants. The best known are the series which, starting with the E-version, came i[...]

Wings of beauty done with plastic out of hell: Do-26 from A-Model.

One of the most beautiful airplanes realized with one of the ugliest kits I have ever seen. Aren't these interesting contrasts? I have built this model already in 2015, but I think you see this beautiful aircraft built much too rarely. I hope yo[...]

A-36 Apache dive bomber! Now is that a Mustang or not?

At first sight the A-36 Apache looks like a representative of those early P-51 Mustang variants that were still powered by the American Allison engine. I would like to claim that even a second look will only produce few doubts to have a "Mustang[...]

The “Whispering Giant”: timeless elegance, born too late. Bristol Britannia from Roden

If there should be a technical incarnation of the design elegance of the 50s, the Bristol Britannia would probably be a candidate for it. Her elegant lines are as inspiring today as they were then, and her nickname "Whispering Giant" also speaks[...]

Spitfire and R&R Griffon: when two sounding names combine, a legend is born! Spitfire Mk.XIV from Airfix.

In the course of its long career, the Spitfire has been flown with two Roll-Royce engines, whose illustrious names have become legends in connection with this aircraft itself: on the one hand, the engines of the Merlin series, and on the other, [...]

From truculent turtle to sea deity: PV2-7 Neptune

Before the start of this project, I was vaguely familiar with the P2V Neptune, but it was completely unclear to me what an important role this type played in military aviation during the Cold War. What is meant by this? Firstly, the name is as[...]

Rear end first! The XP-55 “Ascender”, Curtiss daring flying wing project!

There are types of aircraft whose construction deviates so much from the usual that one hardly wants to believe in their ability to fly. The XP-55 "Ascender" undoubtedly belongs to this spectrum, whereby the "X" in its name already refers to its[...]

“Greased Lightning” Rarely has a plane been named more fittingly! B-58 Hustler from Italeri

That the Convair B-58 Hustler is a truly spectacular aircraft can be seen at first sight. But not only the racy exterior, also the "inner values" of this more than twice as sound-fast aircraft can fascinate! I would like to substantiate this cla[...]

Not another Mustang! Or:”That’s a Mustang … isn’t it?”

"This is a mustang or?" Strange that such a question arises with such a well-known aircraft icon as the P-51 Mustang! But this particular P-51 actually gives reason to ponder: as familiar as the contours may seem at first glance, a closer look r[...]

Do I really need another Spitfire in my collection? Oh, yes! (or: how an old dream came true)

To the fortunately unasked question of whether "another Spitfire" is really necessary, I would answer: of course! One reason for this lies in the enormous range of what "Spitfire" can mean, as a Mk.I has very little in common with, say, a Mk. XI[...]