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Dancing with the Wolf: F-14A and the Vf-1 Wolfpack, USS Ranger 1982

This F-14 model is the third part in a small series of five Tomcats that I am building in 1/144, 1/72 and 1/48 scale. The history of Grumman's spectacular carrier fighter is rich enough in variations and stories that there is room for five [...]

Zlin Z-226MS OK-LMG or: what is Galland's fierce mouse doing on an entirely peaceful plane?

The Zlin 226 shown here is the second model of a parallel built "Dual Combo" kit from Eduard. For the presentation of the first model I read a little bit into the type history of this long-lived Czech classic of aviation, already [...]

How to make a cow jump or : Zlin Z-226B "OK-MPJ"

Isn't it true that in aviation the sound of some manufacturers' names triggers entire chains of associations? The images that come to mind when we think of "Heinkel", "Avro" or "Grumman" will differ in detail, [...]

Traditional in a very unconventional way: Handley Page Heyford Mk.I

The Heyford by Matchbox is one of the early models I ventured over in my childhood. I still remember the joy of what was certainly anything but a first-class result. It was therefore a particular pleasure to be able to acquire one of these [...]

A dangerous Persian Cat: F-14A, IRIAF

F-14 Tomcats in Iran It is not often that two political mortal enemies are able to deploy the same high-tech weapons systems - and that one has supplied the other with this equipment for good money. In the case of the Iranian F-14 Tomcat, [...]

Not always a suicide mission! Q2A Firebee "I go Pogo"

About the Ryan Q2A Firebee Often you only have to deviate a little from the usual paths to get to know completely new landscapes - or to discover new perspectives on the familiar. I had a similar experience with this small but insightful [...]

"The deadliest thing in the sky!" Okay, but for whom...? Bell YFM-1 Airacuda

About the YFM1 Airacuda The Bell YFM1 Airacuda is probably one of those designs that, despite its aesthetically pleasing appearance and a certain number of models built, has remained largely unknown. In my opinion, the design looks [...]

A big fighter plane very small: F-14D, VF 101 "Grim Reapers".

About the F-14D in 1:144 scale This F-14D is the first in a small series of this large fighter aircraft. Altogether five Tomcats will be built, two each in 1/48th and 1/72nd scale and one in the smallest scale of 1/144, which can be seen [...]

On land, on water… and on carrier decks! Grumman’s great J2F Duck

The Grumman J2F-5 Duck The end of the twenties and the beginning of the thirties produced a whole series of interesting aircraft designs, whose attraction from today's perspective lies in their character as technical hybrids. In those [...]

A “Flying Whale” over the Black Sea: Martin B-10 Model 139WT in Turkish service

When in 1934 an icon like General Henry "Hap" Arnold enthusiastically declared the Martin B-10 to be "the air power wonder of its day", this was tantamount to elevation to the rank of aeronautical nobility. What exactly [...]