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Revell Deutz D30 with scratch-built mower

April 16, 2021 · in Automotive · · 13 · 2.6K

The latest edition to my collection is the Deutz D30 from . This is the second entry in their "press-fit" tractor series (the Porsche was the first), and is a nice kit. Hopefully there will be more of these coming in the future. The detail on the kit was pretty good, though the press-fit was a bit iffy at times and I had to glue it to keep it together properly.

Since this tractor had a three-point hitch capability, I decided to model a combination which is fairly common around here - an old, "well-used" utility tractor with a sparkly new Bush Hog mower attached. In order to attach a three-point implement, I needed to modify the lift arms, which came in the kit as one piece with a molded-in hitch connecting them together. I cut away the hitch, then drilled out the attachment points. I then fabricated the 3rd point hitch, the level-adjustment (or whatever it is called) using brass and aluminum rods.

The only other modification to the kit was the front wheel fenders - the kit came with the fenders attached to the axle, which is incorrect as then the fenders didn't turn with the wheels. I cut them from the axles and re-attached them properly to the spindles so they turned with the wheels.

Paint colors were Tamiya X-5 green and a random red rattle can that seemed to match ok. See the one photo I took of the tractor in its factory-fresh paint scheme (along with an admiring "Stan" figure from MasterBox). I then proceeded to apply the many years of dirt and wear by dry-brushing Testors enamel and acrylics - aluminum, rust, rubber and a hobby color called "earthy".

With the tractor complete, I then scratch-built the Bush Hog from Evergreen sheet and more brass and aluminum rod. The wheel on the mower is two landing gear wheels from a Lindbergh "Jenny" kit, glued together and the gap between them puttied in and sanded smooth. My daughter contributed an unwanted necklace for the dangling chains, and the decals were custom-printed. Paint was another random red off the rattle can shelf - Flame red touch-up paint for my Dodge Ram pickup.

I think it came out really well, and makes a nifty, interesting addition to my tractor collection. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. This is a masterpiece of a tractor, my friend @robgenev665!
    Loved all the modifications you made to the basic model, as well as the scratch built mower, using what you had available, your daughter's neclace included.
    Keep those wonderful builds coming!

  2. Another finely executed tractor, Robert, along with a great scratchbuilt Bush Hog. Love the debris chains. The levelling fixture is called a top link. The one we use for our bale spike is a hydraulic cylinder with custom ball end fixtures, courtesy of torch, grinder & arc welder.

    • @yodens Ah, top link. I knew what it did I just didn't know what it was called, haven't been on a farm in quite a few years. Your custom-made bale spike just might inspire me to another scratch-build, since I happen to have a spare 1/25 cylinder in the parts box! Thanks for your comments!

  3. What a wonderful build, Robert.
    This one brings up memories.
    When I was still a kid, about 11 years (unfortunately quiet some time ago), my uncle had one of these and took me on the side seat. He even let me drive once myself. So impressive at that time, I was barely able to press the paddles.
    Love the result.

  4. Back in 1980 when I was a 16 year old Oliver driver the farm owner I worked for became a Deutz dealer. Enclosed cab with air conditioning and a cassette type player. It was like the Star Ship Enterprise as far as we were concerned. Only problem was they were air cooled and could struggle in the heat of southern Delaware summers.

  5. Great work as usual, your farming implements are always a pleasure to see. peaceful too.

  6. Fine build! The modern identification-panel would have earned a "H"(istoric)-registration 😉

  7. @wimfi Thank you, Hans! If I had been consistently American, I would have left off the license plates all together...didn't want to fill in the holes!

  8. Nice looking tractor, the weathering works very well, and a scratch built mower to boot, great modelling, definitely liked.

  9. Hello Robert,
    Superb finish. Interesting to see the old tractor and the brand new mower.
    Dirk / The Netherlands.

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