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The Lightning that flashed too late

Hello, guys! The IJN experimental fighter Shin-den (literally, “Magnificent Lightning") made its maiden flight on August 3, 1945, about 10 days before Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces in WW2. Although this aircraft of the unusual style wa[...]

The fastest Arrow

Hello, guys! This is my first post for 2020, though it was actually finished a while ago. Do335 was one of the fastest piston-engined fighters at that time, as its nickname Arrow ("Pfeil") rightly symbolize. The model that I built is M14 (RP+UQ[...]

The last of radial-engined 190s

Hello guys! The Fw190 has long been one of my favorites. It had a vast range of variations, just like its counterpart with a liquid-cooled engine, Bf109. The model I built this time is of A-9, the last of A series. Although it is virtually impos[...]

Lovely, not “ugly”, bird

Hello, guys! I have rarely built post-war aircrafts, civil or military. This is the first post-war Royal Navy bird for me. I never believe the reputation that Fairey Gannet is one of the ugliest planes of the world. Although maybe not beautifu[...]

Würger sporting serpents

Hello guys! The brand name Airfix is a part of my memory of youth together with its mold color light blue. I bought quite a few kits of the brand, mainly of Luftwaffe, but none were completed.... So, this is virtually the first Airfix that I fin[...]

My first Mossie

Hello guys! This is my first Mosquito, as well as the first RAF aircraft that I ever built. I made it nearly straight from the box, except a few additional details made on the main gear braces and on the canopy. As well known, some canopy frame[...]

Large-tailed Dora

Hello, guys! The "Dora", or Fw-190 D-9, has been one of my favorite aircrafts. This particular machine ("brown 4") is a bit unusual, but famous, in that it was one of few Doras that were attached with the vertical stabilizer designed for Ta152. [...]

“Moskito”, not “Mosquito”

Focke-Wulf Ta 154 was a German counterpart of the famous British Mosquito, so-called "wooden wonder." Although it was designed as a night fighter, this particular aircraft (W. Nr.32003) that I built was used as a twin-engined trainer, according [...]

Tamiya 1/48 Dewoitine D.520

I have recently restarted making models after a long gap more than 30 years. Although aged eyes are really a problem for a 63 year-old modeler, building aircraft kits is a big fun anyway. This D.520 is completely out of the box including the dec[...]