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i am a retired architect . . My diversion is modeling, a carry-over from my architectural modeling days ... I loved aircraft modeling in plastic in 72nd (and some an occasional 48th) and some armor, also in 72nd.. I do decal making and printing -main concern is markings for the Philippine Air Force as well as special and exotic markings... :astly, aircraft modeling I love those egg-planes! Thanks.. Farouk

LTV F-8H CRUSADERPhilippineAir force

This Italeri kit was completed some time back (ca. 2014. The kit was modified to represent a Philippine Air Force F-8"H" by reworking the nose section (narrowed and sides straightened)and radome- reduced ("H" had a [...]

Northrop F-5A FREEDOM FIGHTER – Philippine Air Force

The second of two model build projects I did after coming back to modeling from decades of absence, two first one allowed by retirement from work…The exercise is to simulate/replicate the personal aircraft of erstwhile Philippine Air [...]