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April 21, 2016 · in Aviation · · 19 Comments

Hello folks, seem to have been absent from iM for a few weeks, so apologies for that:
To the point - Isn't it odd how things work-out. Over on another site I've been ruthlessly lobbying for a SAR themed build for a long time and this year, I managed to get enough votes to have it added to the timetable.

This is the first of two builds I've entered there, but coincidentally there's a Helicopters GB happening on not one but TWO other unrelated sites all at the same time, so this wee project is getting far more exposure than it normally would.

So, the kit - Well it's the reissued 1:48 AB-212/UH-1N, built (almost) completely from the box (I made my own belts & buckles), painted with Tamiya acrylics and decorated with the kit decals. It went together without too much fuss at all however the finished model is, not surprisingly, very delicate and I'm certain if it ever goes to a show it will require a fair bit of rebuilding upon arrival ! - Like the RoG Hunter I last posted here, it's been a joy to build, so much so that I 'impulse bought' another Italeri kit as a second entry for both the aforementioned Helicopter GB's !

Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment, hope you enjoy the photo's.


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19 responses

  1. Love the way it came out. Very sharp looking!

  2. Gorgeous !. I really like your scheme. Very attractive build. Nice work Ian !

  3. I like this one veey much. Colourful markings always makes a helicopter stand out. Well done!

  4. It looks wonderful IMHO! Good to see you back

  5. Nice build

  6. Great looking Huey!

  7. Fantastic build...very nice work and photos!

  8. Looks great from what I can see. Would love to have had some larger scale pics to look over!

  9. Ian, wow, well done.

  10. Thanks everyone, always appreciate the kind words. Not too certain what's next but I really need to finish the Crusader that I started a few weeks back; trouble is there's just too many distractions on the shelves...

  11. Ian, beautiful job! Love the scheme. SAR is always colorful, decals from the kit?

  12. Love the paint job...very nice build!

  13. It took me a while to work out what SAR meant, now I've got it, I think! Whatever, a very neat job, but, yes, it does look delicate.

    • Hey George
      Yeah, I s'pose because it's my work in the real world, I assume that everyone knows what it means, my bad.

      That said, the second build that I'll be doing for the same GB will be the new Airfix Defiant, wearing ASR colours. Same three letters but in WWII it stood for Air-Sea Rescue !


  14. Hello Ian,
    Job well done.
    It looks sturdy (for transport) to me.
    Agusta Bell is the way to go.

  15. Well done, Ian! Great paint!

  16. I've just seen your beauty Ian. Great work. I am about to start the Italeri's 1/72 Italian AB-204. Cheers...

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