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Age: 47 as of 2013 ( Day after day I m getting older and night after night pretend it’s allright)
I am a Turkish modeller from Istanbul. Started to this hobby in my childhood with my father’s encouragement. Later I was also interested in scracth ship modelling. Nowadays main area is WWII aviation in 1/48 and 1/32 scale.

1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf-109G4 Trop

A small addition to the "Attack of 109's" .This is 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf-109 G4 in the markings of “Black 1 “ from JG 53 in Sicily .This machine was flown by Oblt. Franz Schiess in 1943. The cockpit modified by MDC (Model Design Const[...]

1/48 Spitfire Mk.XII converted from Tamiya Mk.V

Here is one of my old stories from the past. I did not checked my notes but probably this was my first converted model including some surgery and inexperience. This is Spitfire Mk.12 with the markings of 41 st squadron ( EB-B MB 882 ) flown by [...]

1/48 Tamiya P-47D2 “Captured Thunderbolt – Zirkus Rosarius”

This is P-47 D2 Thunderbolt with the markings of Zirkus Rosarius. This special unit of the Luftwaffe, also known as the "Wanderzirkus Rosarius", was in charge of testing captured British and American aircraft which were all repainted in German [...]

1/48 Tamiya Heinkel HE-219

This is not a recently finished model but one of my favourites. This was built with the markings of 1/ NJG1 ( May 1945) Photo edge instrument panel and the seat belts are from Eduard. Painting was done with Gunze Sangyo and Tamiya acrylics. Fir[...]

1/48 Messerspit Tamiya + Fusion Models (Captured Spitfire Mk.Vb with DB605 Engine)

This cross breed Spitfire model was built in 2011. It is 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire MkVb mated with Fusion DB605 conversion set. This aircraft (Spitfire MkVb serial EN850 / NX-X) flown by P/O Bernard Scheidhauer was captured in Jersey island (between[...]

1/48 Classic Airframes Northrop F-5A

And here is the last part of my NMF TuAF jets Trilogy. This is 1/48 Classic Airframes F-5A finished few years ago with Turkish Air Force markings. This ex-Norvegian freedom fighter (5-575) was in use between mid of eighties and nineties by 5th [...]

1/48 Hasegawa TF-104 Starfighter

Another NMF TuAF jet. This is 1/48 Hasegawa TF-104 finished with Turkish Air Force markings. The model is based on the TF-104G ( 61.3028 tail number) from 144 th Squadron at 4 th Air Base in Murted Ankara. Cockpit modified by using Eduard instr[...]

1/48 Hasegawa F-86 E(M) Sabre

An old NMF example from the past. This is 1/48 Hasegawa F-86 E(M) Sabre with Turkish Air Force (TuaF) markings. Most RCAF Sabre Mk 2 and 4 aircrafts were retrofitted with extended wing leading edges and then sold to foreign air forces. These pla[...]

1/48 Tamiya P-51C Mustang

Again a Tamiya Mustang but this time C version. This is 1/48 P-51C Mustang finished with the markings of 43-24959 Gladys from 26th FS 51st FG in Kunming China during 1944 autumn. The construction started with the painting of cockpit component[...]

1/48 Tamiya P-51D Mustang

Here is my 1/48 Tamiya P-51 D Mustang finished few years ago with the markings of “Detroit Miss” from 375th FS / 361th FG , 8 th AF. This natural metal Mustang was flown by Lt.Urban Drew. Drew ‘s airplane carried 374th FS colour markings. T[...]