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1/32 Trumpeter P-51B Mustang "Ding Hao"

August 25, 2016 · in Aviation · · 13 · 5.1K

This is P-51B finished with the markings of “Ding Hao” flown by Maj. James Howard of the 356th Fighter Squadron at RAF Boxted, Essex, England, UK; early 1944.
Howard s Mustang was named “DING HAO! and carried the victory marks from those AVG actions. [“Ding Hao” was an American World War II slang term based on the Chinese phrase, “ting hao de” meaning “very good” or “number one”.]
This kit has some accuracy problems. It needs some corrections and modifications. There is a shape problem on exhaust area and radiator cowling. And also upper fuselage area between right and left rear cockpit windows is too wide.
Cockpit and Wheel well area modified by Aires sets.
Trumpeter molded navigation lights as a single light on the tip of each wing like on the P-51D. But these lights of P-51B should be on the top and lower on the wings. I deleted and put them on the correct places.
Painting was done with Gunze Sangyo acrylics. Upper surfaces painted to Olive drab and lower surfaces to Neutral gray.
I have used Zots decals set instead of wrong size kit decals.
And final modifications:
-Exhaust stacks are from Quickboost exhaust set.
-Spinner and propeller are from Quickboost
-Wheels replaced by Barracudacast goodies.
-I have used Resicast lens for the landing light.
This is finished after a matt coat and some weathering.
Should I have eliminated the large number of rivets on wing surfaces? Considering other faults that could not be corrected, I decided it was not worth the effort.

Happy modelling

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13 responses

  1. She's a beaut Tolga!

  2. Tolga,

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Your additions and skills have made this look almost real. I the "B" is truly a beautiful airplane and although the "D" is also beautiful I prefer the "B". You have done it proud. Let's pray that Tamiya eventually does this one.

  3. Spectacular build and photos as always, Tolga...nice job!

  4. Beauty!

    Sincerely, Vlad.

  5. Really like that. Superb build.


  6. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Tolga ...that is one very nice work and model. The color scheme is very well done, and the weathering is not heavy or over done. Well done.

  7. It's a Mustang , of coarse I like it !. Very well done Tolga.

  8. You certainly have turned this "pig in a poke" of a kit into a worthwhile model. Yes, those who know Mustangs know the "faults that can't be fixed," but this sure looks good.

    Literally, "Ding Hao!" does mean "Number One" but in the vernacular, it is taken as "Work Together!" as the Chinese Communists came to use it. Howard's use of it is in the vernacular, as an exhortation to his squadron. Good advice for fighter pilots.

  9. Tolga, beautifully done and weathered. Medal of Honor aircraft.

  10. Beautiful looking Mustang, I'm sure Sally would be more than happy! According to my (Chinese) wife "ting hao de" is used as meaning "OK", as in: "How are you?" "I'm OK." However, trying to translate anything literally is a minefield...

    • "OK" is what the instruction sheet of my ancient 1/48 monogram P-51B Ding Hao! said it meant... If not the kits, I've managed to save most of the instruction sheets of what I've built over the yarns.

  11. Thanks for the comments

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