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Motorcycle riding is one of the greatest joys in life, a combination of exhilaration, fear, relaxation and pleasure that changes you forever: a physical & emotional pleasure, with a layer of anxiety & adrenaline.

Exposed to the elements, feeling every nuance of weather, you smell everything and feel everything.

Νever fully relaxed, you get smart about the rules of the road, learning to foresee and predict other drivers’ intentions.

The Motorcycle: a technological marvel, parked at our place, ready to take us to the office or to the edge of earth upon our command.

Motorcycles are very attractive modeling subjects, with the finished models looking really amazing. This GB, created after the inspiration and support of the wonderful fellows George Williams and Rory Wilson, is intended to provide a dedicated playground for entering and building your motorcycle models.

Any kit and any type is welcome! Even if it is not a motorcycle but you feel it has a connection to the subject, do not hesitate to enter it: how about building the XX199 BAe Hawk that competed with a heavily modified Kawasaki? Or building a dirt bike trailer? Or getting wild and coming up with paddock diorama? Let’s keep it fun!

Already finished builds are equally welcome and will enrich the GB's posture for sure. Also, threads posted at our iModeler Automotive Group, may very well continue from here (a suggestion might be to paste the thread link here and continue after it). No time frames whatsoever.

If you fancy building your first motorcycle model, but still feel reluctant to do so (like Yours Truly’s at the time of this GB creation) do not hesitate to rush your kit into this GB and build it. I am willing to say that you are going to have a wonderful experience and come up with a gorgeous looking model, which certainly will not be your last.

Happy Modelling!

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