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This one taught me a lot about the progression of German designs of warplanes during the Great War. Really satisfied with the outcome of this model. If you go to their website I think they give you 3 free models to choose from a wide list [...]

1/48 Fokker DVIII

Eduard 1/48 Fokker DVIII flown by Gefr. Kurt Blumener, Jasta 6. Bernes, France August 1918. When I'm not in the mood to do alot of rigging I build a late war Fokker. This one was easy as, to build. Back to rigging next though, with a [...]

A flying razor blade: the Fokker E.V/ D.VIII

About the Fokker E.V/ D.VIII Even in 1918, towards the end of the Great War and after four years of diligent pioneering work to develop ever more powerful aircraft, the sight of a monoplane was still a rarity. All the more so when it was [...]