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General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon

Dragon 1-144 scale F-16A Fighting Falcon

This one has been languishing on my shelf for nearly 5 years, and I finally decided to finish it. Old school. All finishing has been applied with a paintbrush. The colours are all Testors Model Master Enamels, with a brushed gloss coat [...]

Academy 1-48 scale F-16A/C with Two Bobs Decals

Started this one in January as a hedge against the missing parts in the Kinetic Sufa,(which showed up too late for the deadline) and the unavailability of the Skunkworks F-16XL. Cheap, quick, cool markings. Turned out to be very cheap. [...]

Skunkworks 1/48 Scale F-16XL

I started this kit in early February with an April 15th deadline. I succeeded, but only just. It is completely Out-Of-the-Box, with only tape seatbelts added. The colours are all Testors Model Master Enamels. I finished the kit with a [...]

Academy SUFA 1/32

Hi all, After my last effort (Wingnut Felix) I have done a complete 360 and constructed a modern jet! Base kit is the Academy SUFA which I found to be a great kit despite some on-line criticism. I added the Wolfpack cockpit, Aires wheel [...]

1/48 Blue Aggressor

Another one of my aggressor schemes, 1/48 Tamiya F-16, with an Aries exhaust and cockpit, painted with Lifecolors and decals are from Afterburner

Grandson's first modelRevell Snap Tite F-16

My five year old grandson got a bunch of die cast airplanes as a gift a while back. He had his mom send me a picture asking what kind of airplanes they were and he's been interested ever since. On a whim I picked this up for him a few [...]

1:72 Kinetic F-16D

Nice little kit albeit a shrunk down version of Kintetic's 1:48 early version complete with the 'droop snoot' nose error 🙁 She is finished a a plane from the Royal Moroccan Air Force I think I use Tamiya acrylics on this and the decals [...]

General Dynamics F-16A Falcon "Dirty Diana" Monogram 1/48 scale

323 Squadron of the Royal Netherlands Air Force celebrated its 50th anniversary in November 1998. The squadron decided to commemorate the event by adding artwork of its squadron emblem, Diana, the goddess of the hunt, to the tails of [...]

Chilean Air Force F-16

This is F-16 represents the 2-seater version that was sold to Chile as part of the Peace Puma program. I built it from the Academy F-16I Sufa kit. It's a really nice kit that goes together well and fairly easily. It has some things going [...]

1/32 Tamiya F-16U- United Arab Emirates

I built this a couple of years ago Using a Wolfpack resin conversion kit and Aires engine nozzle. It's been in Fine Scale Modeler and has won a few awards.