Academy SUFA 1/32

March 31, 2016 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.9K

Hi all,

After my last effort (Wingnut Felix) I have done a complete 360 and constructed a modern jet!

Base kit is the which I found to be a great kit despite some on-line criticism.

I added the Wolfpack cockpit, Aires wheel bays, Master static wicks and isracast (along with some Academy) decals.

At the time no AM burner cans were available so I mated the Academy petals to the inside parts of the Aires F15 Slam Eagle resin engine set.

The cam was free handed with Gunz paints.

And big thanks to Eric G for taking the photos and making me look good:-)

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  1. Beautiful job indeed...I love it!

  2. Beautiful paint work, the kit turned out real Sharp, sweet build

  3. Excellent job, great detail.

  4. Very, very nice indeed. Great job Brent

  5. It looks like a real mean fighting machine, great finish on this, not sure that you needed Eric G's help to make it look good, but thanks to him anyway.

  6. Great work on the model and beautiful presentation with the photos. Good job all around.

  7. Great effort, Brent.

  8. One of the best models I have seen. Just superb!

  9. Simply Awesome.

  10. Awesome build! Great finish and weathering. I've got the Kinetic 1/72 version of this (love the Sufa) and I'll use yours as reference!

    Still amazes me this thing can get off the ground with so much hanging off of it!

  11. Absolutely fantastic model! Great detail all round!

  12. You did a really great job. This is a superb kit regardless of what the rivet counters say about it. I built the same kit, but as a Chilean version instead and it really turned out well, too. It won "best of show"on this web site late last year. This Academy kit is my opinion better than the Tamiya F-16C and I think I might build a SUFA in the near future.

  13. Wow!
    Thanks everyone for the kind words!
    Forgot to mention I also used wheeliant wheels and re-modeled the fuel tanks to represent the Israeli versions.
    Thanks for looking.

  14. Really gets my attention, and like everything about it.

  15. Great Job. I am having a problem with the canopy open The strut to hold it up seems way short to the one you have. I did replace the piston part with zinc tube but kept the same size. It looks rather short to yours. Could you please let me know if the size needs to be changed. Many Thanks.

    • Hi Peter,
      I did replace the weak plastic part with metal rod ( I do believe I made it longer than the kit part) as well as adding brass rod to the canopy hinge points that connects to holes drilled into the fusalage.
      As to the length, I just matched pictures.

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