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Academy 1-48 scale F-16A/C with Two Bobs Decals

April 4, 2016 · in Aviation · · 6 · 2.9K

Started this one in January as a hedge against the missing parts in the Kinetic Sufa,(which showed up too late for the deadline) and the unavailability of the Skunkworks F-16XL. Cheap, quick, cool markings. Turned out to be very cheap. The decals were horrid, more like armor plate than decals, detail was absent, although it had a cool pilot figure. Then the F-16XL arrived, and I dove into that one, with the results as already seen. I then decided to find a set of decals for this kit, and discovered the Two Bobs set for an Italian special markings F-16C. It required a small amount of re-painting, and then careful work with the relatively delicate replacement markings. I like the finished look, even though there are some glaring errors, if you know enough about F-16s to notice, or even care. All build work is O.O.B., and the colours are by Testors Model Master enamel, and Tamiya Acrylic. I Dullcoted it before I remembered to add a panel wash, so the finish is old school, even for me. Canopy was dipped in my yellow/gold tinted Future. I hope you like it, and please be gentle.

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  1. Nice lookin' build, George (and the "glaring errors" are not obvious to ME - I like it).

  2. Maybe some people will notice the "glaring errors", but, to me at least, it looks just fine.

  3. What's not to like?! Very fun scheme on another common subject, and executed well.

  4. Looks like a real beaut. to me, love the tail marking.

  5. Awesome looking F 16. The tail markings look great on this F 16. Eduard released the NATO F 16 with similar colourful markings. Well done!

  6. Can't see any glaring errors, though everything I know about the lawn dart could be written on the sharp end of a pin with a dull sharpie with room left over.

    Nice work and the markings look good.

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