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Hellenic Falcon: Hasegawa F-16D Block 52+

The Conformal Fuel Tanks and avionics added to the Block 52+ were a quantum leap for the Fighting Falcon in terms interception range and bombing capabilities. Unlike the real aircraft where the CFTs were made from the same materials like [...]

F-16C Fighting Falcon, Dragon 1/144'F-16 at 50' GB

Initiated a little while ago to populate a mini-display cabinet, this F-16C build was restarted thanks to the 'F-16 at 50' Group build. Thanks to Erik Gjørup (@airbum) for the motivation. This F-16C is half of the Dragon 'Air [...]

40 - 1/48 Italeri F16 Fighting Falcon

This build started out as the grey Italian Scheme until a friend donated the 100 hours Decals to me, so it had to become that. It was a challenge to do the black paint in a way that made it look interesting because it still had to be clean [...]

Canadian Falcon? A kids eye view.

My 7 year old nephew, Noah had some ‘great ideas’ of how a Canadian F-16B would look. On his first visit, we quickly assembled the Hasegawa kit D14 - he clipped out the parts and he held the parts in place while I dabbed the CA glue, [...]

1/72 F-16A No.322 Sqn RNLAF "40th Anniversary"

I had this Hasegawa ‘F-16A-Plus’ Kit 601 partially built for some time and decided to finish it, but I wasn't sure which scheme to choose for painting. Checking my decal stash, I found 'ModelDecal' Set #74 which features F-16A J-252 [...]

Video: 1/48 Kinetic F-16D New Tool! Fighting Falcon Block 30/40/50 (video preview)

Excellent kit from Kinetic, this is a vast improvement over the over the previous F-16A/C/D series... Highly Recommended! DISCLAIMER: I am NOT! being paid to promote this kit, and to make this video! Thanks! Music info: Best licensed [...]

F-16A IAF ‘Netz’ ESCI 1/72 Fighting Falcon

Just completed last night. this ESCI kit #9026 was initiated a long time ago and was put in storage with the fuselage and wings assembled. Pulled out of storage, I worked on the build and paint on and off the last few months. I decide to [...]

1/48 Tamiya F-16c Fighting Falcon

My 4 months journey with this kit is almost over. I decided to publish pictures despite Sidewinders not beeing finished yet, still waiting for ordered magnets. Words are not needed to decribe this Tamiya's kit. Real pleasure to build. I [...]

Tamiya’s 1/48 F-16 Thunderbird

Here is my build of Tamiya's F-16 Thunderbird. Kit went together beautifully as one would expect from Tamiya. The challenge with this one was the white paint, and the decals. Painting white, and trying to keep it clean was quite the [...]

1/48 F-16C Block 52

This is a Hasegawa Polish Pratt powered Block 52 kit finished as a South Carolina Air National Guard “Wild Weasel”. I built it pretty much from the box with the exception of the following items added: 1.) Quickboost Aces II ejection [...]