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i Modeler presents Battle of Midway Group Build 75th Anniversary 2017

June 3, 2017 · in News · · 19 · 1.9K

First I want to thank Martin and his team for this amazing site to share our love of creating miniatures of armor, aviation, ships, figures, automobiles, sci fi and other subjects of interest. Also Louis Gardner, the moderator of the Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary Group Build, one who showed his passion and love for the hobby, encouraging, praising everyone of us who participated in this endeavour.

June 1942. The US Navy was still working on getting itself more up to the task in facing a strong determined Japanese force. A month prior a tough sea battle at Coral Sea was a moral victory in that they were able to stop the Japanese from invading Port Moresby. But at the cost of USS Lexington, a vital part of Navy plans to continue to stay defensive until American Industry could catch up with producing more carriers and ships. The USS Yorktown also suffered heavy damage as it limped back to Pearl.

In the meantime Admiral Yamamoto drew up plans to draw out the American fleet defeat or cripple it once and for all, invade Midway Island that would eventually lead to the invasion of Hawaii. Opening up the west coast of the United States to invasion Hoping this would persuade America to sue for peace before it's industrial might came up to speed producing war materials in mass quantities. An excellent plan in theory if executed as planned. A pivotal battle for America in this point of the war, we were still reeling over Pearl Harbor, yes we did a little bombing raid over Tokyo, the Marines were barely hanging on. It was desperate times for the Navy. Yet we had confidence that some way we could prevail despite overwhelming odds. A much superior veteran Japanese Navy and Army, experienced in combat for almost a decade. Against young American soldiers, sailors and Marines not yet 20 years old. Fresh from the farmlands of America most of them 6 months ago. Was it pure luck, the luck of code breakers able to decode 90% of the Japanese coded transmissions. That we were able to defeat a Navy with obsolete aircraft and equipment. A much larger naval force compared to what we could put to sea. Despite the element of surprise we still had to show up and fight the battle. It was not going well at the beginning. Many factors in the whole order of battle came to reality. Catching the Japanese carriers in transition with aircraft switching out ordnance. Whole squadrons wiped out, ineffective torpedoes that didn't work. Despite all of the factors in the fog of war, we were able to defeat the Japanese and buy us more time to prosecute the war on our terms. And even then 3 1/2 more years of war would drag on after this point.

The purpose of the Group Build was to honor the men who fought not only in the battle of Midway but also the Aleutian Island campaign. The Japanese had also invaded the western Islands of the Aleutians at this time not only as a diversion, but became on ongoing theatre Also to honor not only Americans but the Japanese as well who fought valiantly in an effort to continue their agenda in controlling the Pacific.

So we will have some amazing models of not only USN, USMC,USAAC, but the IJN, and IJA. Aircraft and equipment that participated in the Aleutian theatre as well.

Kimigayo, the Japanese National Anthem:  

It is one of the oldest national anthems, the lyrics are considered the oldest of all the national anthems to date. And not very long.

The USMC based on Midway were aware of what was coming and hunkered down on the island waiting for the Japanese invasion already enroute.

The USN and it's 3 carriers, USS Hornet, USS Enterprise and the USS Yorktown rushed back into service in record time to participate in the battle.
Go Navy, (sorry just being a sailor)

One of the squadrons that took part in the battle at great loss was Torpedo Squadron 8,(VT8) Frederick J. Seitz III provided this very poignant video of the unit before the battle. What really shows me are these men and their Devastator posing all with an air of confidence even arrogance, a trait most Naval Aviators have, all these men save one will perish in the upcoming battle.

Now I present the National Anthem of the United States of America

Now the Battle for Midway Group Build reveal. Present Arms.

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  1. Great effort, Chuck.

  2. Outstanding prelude, Chuck.

    • Thanks Jeff glad you liked it. Didn't want to say too much just enough to get the point and history of Midway. I figured the builders will shed more light and details when they do their presentation.

  3. Thank you for an outstanding introduction, Chuck. Can't wait to see what this reveal brings, and it is such a fitting tribute for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle. Let's give it a push in social media etc if we can.

    • Thank you Martin I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this amazing website, sharing like kind thoughts of our passion for this hobby of ours. And I will see if I can get this on Facebook and twitter.

  4. Hand salute Chuck.

  5. What an excellent introduction, thank you Chuck.

  6. Two thumbs up on this one, Chuck...nice job!

  7. Thank you very much for your help with this Chuck. Your opening presentation is outstanding Sir !

    • Louis just a little inspiration from you and thank you for the opportunity and honor to this little intro for the Midway GB. I hope it met your expectation.

      • It EXCEEDED my expectations Chuck. You really did a fantastic job with it... Hand salute Sir ! Thanks again my friend. You have been a great help throughout this build. I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

  8. Thank you very much Ferry.

  9. I wanted to say great job to all the folks here wonderful theme and models well done! As a Navy CPO I once had the privilege of spending an afternoon with Midway sailors at the CPO Mess at NAS North Island, all the models here especially the NAVAIR ones would make them proud good job!

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