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Folland Gnat T1, XR993, The Yellowjacks, 4 FTS RAF Valley Anglesey England 1964.

1/72 Matchbox, I modified a few small things, finished in Tamiya and MM enamels with Future over kit decals, built early 2000's.

Natty Gnat

Airfix's 1/72 Red Arrows Gnat Stater Set completed earlier this year (2016). Built pretty much out of box, except I discarded the paints that came with the set & opted for Vallejo acrylics, buffed and then layered with generous coats [...]

Airfix Folland Gnat T.1, 1/72

Except for a lot of add-on details in the cockpit (punched instrument faces, reworked ejection seats, sawn-open canopy, it's basically stock. Solid overall detailing, but still before Airfix really hit its stride in the past couple of [...]

Finally got round to making the stand.

Make my own stands for aircraft. I mostly use coffee sticks but I'm trying to be more inventive and upcycle other things as well. This is the latest for my 1/72 Red Arrows Gnat. First Jet I've finished and quite happy with the result. [...]