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The Airplane: The Fw-190A series was so right in design that - once the problem of providing adequate cooling for the BMW 801 radial engine was solved - the airframe went through little modification other than minor changes associated with [...]

Hans Hahn's last flight. Bf 109G-2, II./JG 54 "Greenheart”

About Hans „Assi“ Hahns Bf 109G-2 21 February 1943 can probably be described as a fateful day in the life of Hans "Assi" Hahn, at that time group commander of II / JG 54 "Grünherz" and one of the Luftwaffe's most [...]

Another 109

Here's another 109 for the group's consideration, this time with somewhat normal camouflage and markings. The real airplane was a JG 54 Me109G-6 in winter camouflage serving in the northern sector of the Eastern Front and pretty much a [...]

Messerschmitt, Battle of Britain… so everything as usual- or not? Bf 108 of I. JG 54 /summer 1940

As soon as the terms "Messerschmitt" and "Battle of Britain" are mentioned together, then in most cases one type of aircraft is the subject of discussion: the Bf 109E. As the only single-engined fighter on the German [...]

No grey allowed- JG.54 bf 109 G-1

After completing Tamiya’s 109 G-6 some time ago I was exhausted about building more Messerschmitts, but amidst a P-51 build I had an urge to grab again a one O nine, but this time I chose a more colorful scheme, one from the eastern [...]