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Another 109

May 3, 2021 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.7K

Here's another 109 for the group's consideration, this time with somewhat normal camouflage and markings. The real airplane was a JG 54 Me109G-6 in serving in the northern sector of the Eastern Front and pretty much a Plain Jane, markings-wise. I sometimes buy second-hand Hasegawa 109s when the price is right---they make great clothes horses to display markings if you build a lot of them--- and had purchased this particular kit off the consignment shelves at King's Hobbys in Austin, TX, for $18 but hadn't bothered to look inside to see what was there since they normally vet such kits thoroughly before putting them out for sale.

The big surprise came a couple of weeks after the purchase, when I finally opened the box to see what I'd bought and discovered that, besides the Hasegawa kit, there was an intact aftermarket set (resin and photoetch) that included an engine and associated accessories, the weapons deck, and a complete interior. That set was from an Eastern European company I'd never heard of before and honestly can't remember now, and it was amazing in its detail. It was a project that just screamed Build Me Now, so that's what happened.

The model itself is straight Hasegawa except for the conversion set, which was comprised of a complete cockpit, an engine, oil cooler, lower cowling and oil cooler fairing, upper cowlings, and a set of cowl guns and related gun bay structure. Both engine and gun bays have been partially wired and plumbed for effect but are far from being completely detailed.

The paint was ModelMaster enamel (the ubiquitous RLM 74/75/76) overpainted with MM 36622 to simulate a slightly dirty winter white---pure white would've been far too stark and have just looked wrong in this application, at least to my eyes. Decals were from the spares box, and the radio antennae were stretched sprue attached with Elmer's Glue. Weathering was done with artist's pastels.

Models with everything opened up are normally way beyond the pale for me but I want to put this one in a diorama with a Soviet officer standing in front of it; an after-the-capture sort of thing. That part of the project is still a work in progress but I thought the group might be interested in the airplane as it sits today.

Thanks for looking, and for the warm welcome I received with my first contribution a couple of days ago!


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  1. G'day Phillip (@phillipfriddell),
    Another great build.
    I love the white distemper.

  2. A great 109, Phillip @phillipfriddell
    That camouflage is beautiful.
    I also like the way you have opened the engine covers.
    Well done.

  3. The worn, dirty white greyish really captures the look I often image when looking at some B&W photos, kudos sir!

  4. I like it! Nicely done with the distemper overcoat.

  5. Well done, Phillip (@phillipfriddell). The paint and weathering is particularly convincing. I have also bought models on consignment and found unexpected goodies in the box. I am moving from San Antonio to Austin (actually Georgetown) this summer, so I will have to stop in at King's.

    • Hi George.

      You might also check out LionHeart Hobby in Kyle, just outside of Austin. It's run by Rudy Kline, who used to own Kings and managed it for a number of years after selling it. The shop is small but Rudy is knowledgeable in the extreme and is worth knowing.


  6. Very attractive 109. These old Hasegawa kits with the addition of an aftermarket cockpit and other goodies can definitely stand up to the newer kits.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Thanks for the kind words, guys!


  8. Beautifully judged colour scheme Phillip!
    Super job!

  9. Great job, Phillip!
    You can never have too many 109s!
    I love secondhands, too, only lately having "discovered" them, got a few from a big hobby shop in Athens. In one case (Special Hobby 1/32 Mohawk), I too discovered, to my joy, extra goodies inside.

    • That's always a treat, Spiros!

      I've been buying a lot of second-hands for the past few years. They're far more affordable and are often unopened, guess that's a result of someone stockpiling a particular kind of model but whatever the reason I'm more than willing to take advantage of it. Good stuff!


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