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Austrian Aces...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-4/R6/trop, 8./JG53, Lt. Franz Schiehs

Another 109 by my dad. Eduard Weekend Edition, added PE seatbelts from the sparesbox, antenna wires with EZ Line, brake lines added with plastic rods and lead wire. Painted with AK Real Color RLM 78/79/80. Build thread here (link) Franz [...]

Operation Bodenplatte...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-14, 16./JG53

Another older Fujimi model, built about 10 years ago. Gefreiter Alfred Michel made his first and last combat sortie during operation Bodenplatte on January 1st 1945. His aircraft was hit and he had to make a forced landing. Afterwards he [...]

Under new Management...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109F-4/trop, 1 Sqn SAAF

Built in 2019. Hasegawa kit with Rising Decals, Eduard seatbelts, plastic rods and lead wire for the brake lines, legs shortened about 2mm. This aircraft had additional cowl scoops like a G-2, so took some from the sparesbox. AK Real Color [...]

Stranded Jabo...Messerschmitt Bf109F-4/B, 10./JG53

And my dad has finished his first 109 in 2021. Hasegawa kit, bomb rack and 50kg bombs from Zvezda, Eduard seatbelts, EZ Line for antenna wires, plastic rods and lead wire for the brake lines. RLM74/75/76 painted with AK Real Color. [...]