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Tamiya 1/12 Lotus Caterham Super Seven BRD

I have long loved Lotus automobiles. About 20 years ago I bought this kit in the Cycle Fender version. I truly enjoyed building it. Things got bad for me and I put the Ebay thinking I would make my money back at least. It didn’t [...]

Lotus super 7 series 2

This is my first car model, a Tamiya 1/24 Lotus Super 7, so here it is in all its glory and faults. I replaced the kit seats with Scale Productions Sparco bucket seats and the kit wheels with Scale Productions 15" BRM wheels. The [...]

Video: Lotus 79 Black Beauty 1/20 Hasegawa - Car Model

Lotus 25, Jim Clark, British GP, Silverstone 1963.

1/20 Tamiya, I started building this in 04-2015, finished 09-2021. 1963, Jim Clark, World Champion, Lotus, Constructors Champion.

1/24th Lotus Super Seven

This was originally a comission, hence the unusual colour, but the lady who ordered it decided she wanted it for free because 'its just a toy, and i would have been building it anyway...' Needless to say, she got told in no uncertain terms [...]

Ebbro Models 1/20 Team Lotus 49C (1970)

Welcome to my bash at the mount of the late, great Jochen Rindt at the Monaco Grand Prix of 1970. Aftermarket: Model Factory Hiro 0.4mm Clear Brown Tube, 0.5mm Black Ignition Wires, 1/20 Air Funnel Mesh for DFV. Tamiya 1/20 Seat Belts. [...]

Lotus Super 7 Series 2 (Tamiya #2446)

Nothing new on my bench so I decided to take photos of a favorite from my collection. As far as I know this kit is out of production. My kit has 1984 dates on the instruction sheet. The original Lotus 7 was introduced in 1957. At the time [...]

LOTUS 97 T Renault

"Sempre Senna" Fujimi kit with MSM sheet for JPS. Excellent product, easy to build. Good option with raintyre. First victory for Ayrton Senna.

Lotus 99T Honda

Hi, the last Lotus wins a formula 1's the old Tamiya kit, oldies but goodies ! paint with Tamiya acrylic paints. It's my second car of Ayrton Senna...i want build all ! lol