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1/72 Trumpeter JH-7A Flying Leopard

March 21, 2016 · in Aviation · · 7 Comments

This was an OOB build - only modifications were to add pilots and drill out the tail end of the missiles.

I was disappointed in the paint work - used Vallejo Light Ghost Grey but took 3 coats to cover, and this time I ended up with brush mark build up. I actually got better results with the MM paint I used on the Foxhound a few months earlier.

The kit had great panel line detail, but with the three coats of paint, there wasn't much left to for the panel wash to hold onto. Another disadvantage of brush painting...

Overall the kit was nice. The sprue gates on these kits are HUGE (first Trumpeter kit I've built - now I know). I also had trouble with the decals. I soaked longer than normal, but the adhesive didn't want to let go of the backing paper easily. For the smaller decals it wasn't too difficult - just a bit of work to get them free, but for the larger decals (numbers and stars & bars), it was tough. Had to run a tooth pick under the decal and then work it up across the backing sheet first, then get it in position and slide onto model. Two of the stars & bars decals didn't come unstuck in a couple of places and tore - had to do a bit of paint patching.

Weathered slightly with pastel dust to get a bit of "post shading" and bring out the panel detail a bit. Yes - it's a tad overdone compared to pics of the real aircraft, but gives it a bit more dimension.

Included a few shots of cockpit and pilots before I closed it up. I try not to spend too much attention to what won't be seen once the canopy is glued down, but I usually end up spending more time than I ought just because I know it's there!

My first Chinese aircraft - got two more to do and I'm eager to build them, since they are interesting looking aircraft and not seen often in the modeling world.

Now - on to the F-4 group build!

19 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses

  1. Awesome build, love your in flight stands, nice touch with the red star on pilots helmet.

  2. Nicely done, those home made bases. I, too, am on to the F-4 build this week (maybe). I'm nearly done with the Trumpeter F-106B - I left the canopy masking for last (my nemesis...sure wish there was a mask set for it).

  3. Great build and really a rarely seen bird. As I see these planes it is amazing chinese how far went with their military technology - interesting but a bit worrisome at the same time 🙂

  4. Banged another winner out, Greg

  5. Beautiful, Turned out very nicely

  6. Stunning build, i am always in awe of a good brush paint job and this is one of those !

  7. Despite your problems with the paint and decals you've ended up with yet another fine model. We have Chinese jets flying over where we live, they are quite low, but I'm afraid I don't know what they are. If I ask anyone they get suspicious, and I daren't try to take any photographs!

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