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1/48 Monogram Harrier

Yes, we do jets too ! An aftermarket set of decals and a lttle different.paint job, and a very basic kit, made for an interesting addition to my Harrier collection.

1/48 Monogram Lockheed F-5B (P-38) Lightning

Another 1/48 Monogram Classic. I opted for the photo nose, making it an F-5B. OOB.

1/48 Monogram T-6 (SNJ)

I think this 1/48 effort by Monogram was one of their best. It's always been a fun build, no matter how many I've done. I believe I picked this up as a $1.00 bag kit, and thought I'd play with it. While the paint scheme is purely fictional,[...]

Pacific Fortress-a Big ‘un…

Done about 4 years ago, was this Monogram 1/48 Fort. This represents a Boeing B-17F that flew in that other theatre, the Pacific. It survived 101 or so missions including skip-bombing and strafing, to be returned home to be put out to a training[...]

Monogram’s 48th Scale F-106

One of Monogram's nicest kits. This is OOB, painted with Model Master Aircraft Grey. I penciled in the panel lines to help break up all that grey paint. This is another of my favorite Century Series Fighters.

An Oldie But Goodie 48th Scale Panther Jet

The Panther Jet has always been one of my favorite ever since I built the Monogram Speedy-Built kit back in the day. Just like the cars in the fifties, these jet where just plain down-right beautiful.

Monogram F8F Bearcat

this was an out of box build Glenveiw air guard fun quick build great airplane

1/48 Monogram Supermarine Spitfire Mark II

So this is my spitfire, and my most current plane (Obviously). I created a build log on here so I'll just copy and paste the link to that here. (It has more pictures in it as well. thanks! I included my B-25 because it's my first ever plane j[...]

1:48 Monogram A-4F Skyhawk

Here's one of my older builds, the Monogram 1/48 A-4E Skyhawk, that I convertted to an -F. I think the Monogram Skyhawk is is second only to the Hasegawa A-4's, and is probably the best A-4 for the money. The biggest drawbacks are a very basic [...]

1/48 Monogram Stuka

Another nice, old kit from one of our favorite companies of years past. As with most Monogram models of that era, a fairly straight forward build yeilds a decent looking replica. These kits provide a good starting platform for "super detailers[...]