Douglas TBD-1, "Devastator", 'Torpedo Eight', USS Hornet

Number 8-T-16 was another of the aircraft lost the morning of 4 June, 1942 during the Battle of Midway. This is the aircraft of the C. O. of Torpedo Squadron Eight, (VT-8), Lt. Cdr. John Waldron. During the Battle, Lt. Cdr Waldron led fifteen 's off USS Hornet, (CV-8) to attack the Japanese fleet, located northwest of Midway Atoll. They were caught on their way into the target, by Japanese AA fire, and their CAP, completely wiping them out. All fifteen TBD-1's were shot down and of the one pilot, Ens. George Gay, survived.

Model is the old kit in 1:48 scale. I know the marking are incorrect for the plane as she flew at Midway, but this kit was built a LOOOOOONG time ago, and I was not privy to the research I have now. Be that as it may be, it STILL is a great model, in spite of it's age!

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  1. Another nice one, do some good work, my friend.

  2. Can't beat that Monogram, great job.

  3. Yet another nice model.

  4. I really liked building the Monogram TBD too. Like you I still believe it's a "Still" a good model... as are most of the older Monogram kits.

    Your Waldron plane turned out great. I have always liked the graffiti they (VT-8 crews) chalked onto the torpedoes... The smiling faced torpedo is my favorite. Thanks for posting it.

  5. Nicely done Freddie. Even though it can be a tough build especially the later issues where the fit problems a worse, I don't think the Great Wall kit is enough of an improvement to justify the cost, esp with the crappy fitting open canopy sections.

  6. Hello Frederick,
    Excellent construction. But like mentioned before, Monogram can't be defeated. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  7. I agree - it IS a great model, even if a marking is off a little. Good on ya!

  8. I think I'll write an article, comparing the two builds. Both have pluses and minuses so it should be interesting, no?

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