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Admiral Nelson 1858-1805

1:9 Alexandros Figures Oils Lace in acrylic

Regimental Quarter master RHA 1812-1815

Pegaso 54mm Oils

Tambour Major 67th Regt. C. 1811

Metal Modeles 54mm. Oils. New head from 'Figure in Italy'

Band of Brothers

A 230mm Napoleonic figure vignette in resin, based on La Grand Armée's retreat from Russia in 1812. The figures, "Hussar and Drummer Boy" and "Infantryman", are from Bonapartes Military Models, and are sculpted by [...]

Berezina 1812

The Battle of Berezina took place November 26-29, 1812, between the Grande Armée of Napoleon, retreating after his failed invasion of Russia, and the Russian armies under Mikhail Kutuzov, Peter Wittgenstein and Admiral Pavel Chichagov. [...]

1/24 Officer of the Guide – Egypt 1798

Here's my latest figure, a 75mm Napoleonic from Pegaso Models painted in acrylics. The timing worked out great as he's all decked out in Christmas colors! I've been working on a lot of 1/35 (54mm) figures recently and wanted to move up [...]