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1/48 Privateer @ SoonerCon an inspiration for my next build...

A couple of weeks ago I travelled down the turnpike to Oklahoma City to attend (and enter) the SoonerCon 2017 contest. This beautiful PB4Y-2 was the belle of the ball, taking 1st in category, Modeler's Choice, and Best of Show awards. I [...]

My PB4Y-1 ‘Dem Bones

This has taken me since mid-January to get done...not because it is so great but because I am so slow...It is the Revell 1/48 B-24D that I have tried to make represent an Atlantic Theater ASW PB4Y-1 (I think that would be the proper USN [...]

1/48 Koster/Revell PB4Y-2 Privateer

This kit was an unintentional acquisition, part of a large swap. Prior to the build I had stayed away from vacu-form kits/conversions, convinced that I'd run out of talent shortly after unwrapping the boxes. (see WIP). Motivated by the [...]