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Revell (Matchbox) 1/32 SBD-5 Dauntless

March 22, 2022 · in Aviation · · 34 · 2.3K

Hi everyone!

This is my () -5 , finished as a U.S. Marines bird.
"Scout Bomber " (SBD) Dauntless was the US Navy's main carrier-based scout/dive bomber from mid-1940 through mid-1944. It was also flown by the United States Marine Corps, both from land air bases and aircraft carriers. A land-based variant, having the arresting hook deleted, was purpose-built for the USAAF, as the A-24 Banshee.

With its good handling and maneuverability, potent bomb load, great diving characteristics, good defensive armament and general ruggedness, it is of no surprise that the SBD was considered a very good naval scout plane and dive bomber.

Its shorter range though, compared to the IJN planes, was a disadvantage for going against the IJN.

Having been designed back in 1935 and consequently considered somehow obsolete at the beginning of WWII, destined to be scrapped, it interestingly persisted and remained in service only because its successor(s) development was problematic!

Its most important version was the , with 2965 built, featuring a more powerful R-1820 engine, increased ammunition and radar equipment capability.

This fine plane is perhaps best remembered as the bomber that delivered the fatal blows to the Japanese carriers at the Battle of Midway in June 1942. Its nickname "Slow But Deadly" was earned during this period.

This is the third (and so far the last) edition of the venerable 1977 Matchbox kit. Whereas general shape looks good, the kit is definitely on the simplistic-towards-toy-ish side regarding details, offering lots of room for improvement (or you can go and buy the excellent Trumpeter kit).
The top color is intermediate blue, which was misinterpreted from a net seasonal color pic (which was probably "filtered", you can find the same pic with different color tones...). The correct color should be gull gray, oh well, at least the blue looks nice! 🙂
Should you wish to read the full review, you may do so by visiting my beloved site Modelingmadness:

My thanks to Tom Cleaver @tcinla for providing the correct info regarding SBD's range.
Happy modeling!
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  1. Fabulous result! Unique scheme and great finish

  2. Great Work! Very fine painting!

  3. Great build Spiros, @fiveten, what a great and different scheme. I have never seen that one. Very interesting and fun looking build. I like the Dauntless' lines, I think it is a pleasant looking plane, and probably the best of the three, Dauntless, Vindicator and Devestator. (Although I do like the other two also) Nice work.

  4. Love it Spiros ! , always fun to take on one of these ancient kits and turn out something impressive like this.

  5. Excellent build of this Dauntless, spiros @fiveten
    This scheme is indeed a very good choice.
    You definitely got the best out of this oldie.

  6. Very classic look, Spiros. Well done. @fiveten

  7. I'd love to build this plane in 1/32nd, but just don't have the room for it. Looks really good, Spiros. Is this the Atlantic paint scheme?

  8. Fine looking Dauntless, Spiros @fiveten. An oldie but certainly doesn’t look moldy! (groan...)

  9. Nice ! with an unique scheme. Love the Dauntless.

  10. Great looking Dauntless Spiros looks nice in this scheme. Also, an impressive looking build.

  11. Excellent Job on this Dauntless Spiros @fiveten. I love the paint scheme! Thanks for posting.

  12. Very nice Spiros !

  13. Nice result on an old and simple kit - well done again!

  14. @fiveten, Now, that is cool! I love it Spiros, very unusual scheme! ?

  15. Nicely done, another blast from the past, Spiros. I remember when this kit was first released. Being reviewed in Scale Modeler magazine.@fiveten.

  16. Now that's a big kit, and then some. Looks like that old Matchbox mold holds up very well.
    Nice work Spiros.

  17. Nice work, Spiros. Interesting scheme on what looks like a fun model.

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