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A day at NAS PensacolaRandom photos.

I spent the day attending the Blue Angels practice and visiting the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola today. The SBD-2 is the only known survivor of both the Pearl Harbor attack and the Battle of Midway. The plane was delivered in the [...]

National Naval Aviatin Museum, Pensacola Fla, Pt 2. Hangar Bay One,plus

Basically shots of more modern aircraft, that weren't in the main section. The actual name plate off the now scrapped Forrestal, and the memorial plaque honoring those that perished in the fire off Vietnam, it used to hang in the hangar [...]

National Naval Aviation Museum,Pensacola Fla. Part one, Flightline Ramp

Checked off an item from my bucket list, last weekend. Limited photos of the outside ramp, Jaime Carreon covered the other areas recently. One note, the C-130 is supposed to be the one that flew onto and of the Forrestal in the early [...]